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Ingraham: Democrat party is so far left, it's left America


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Watch this “Ingraham: Democrat party is so far left, it's left America” video below:

‘The Ingraham Angle’ contrasts ‘go-getter’ GOP attitude with ‘doom and gloom’ of Democrats. #FoxNews #Ingraham

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  1. The puppet Sleepy Creepy Ukraine Beijing Lyin Hiden NOT MY PRESIDENT Joe Sniffing O'Biden, his administration and the commie DEMONCRATIC party are a crisis to America and should be DEFUNDED and ABOLISHED!!

  2. These governors who are standing up against this I think will succeed. When they do they should be considered at recognized as american heros

  3. ahahahahahah fox news and its gaslighting the democrat party is centre right party there is nothing radical about them .just because the gop is an extreme right wing crypto fascist party it doesn't make the dems left wing .

    perhaps one of you cultists would like to explain how Nixon was not "radical left wing" but biden is ?

    then tell me if Jesus was left wing or right wing by there standards ? lol

  4. The Deep democratic party is promoting socialism, racism, civil war and war with other countries, poverty in order to control ALL aspects of humankind.

  5. big tech will step on floridas governor like a ant ,if someone puts something on twitter or facebook and they dont want it on they can take it off its there buisness,watch and see

  6. Życzę Pani i całej redakcji miłego i spokojnego weekendu. Wszystko przecież jest wiadome , że te niby lewicowe władze Pana Bidena są nielegalne i przerosły w swej agresji wszelkie dotychczasowe ideologie wojny i podboju faszystowskie. Dla tej władzy nie ma żadnej innej możliwości jak aresztowanie a Amerykanie powinni się tej władzy zdecydowanie przeciwstawić, jeśli chcą żyć w normalności i w całości .Życzę sukcesu z całego serca i pełen nadziei oczekuję na nową rzeczywistość . Pozdrawiam .

  7. Hope they continue to do the right things and follow Florida and the rest who act before the feds try to take any more of our state and constitutional rights, and let the Feds know if they continue to try to remove or take away our rights, we would not ceded from the United States they are the ones who ceded from the Union, as the constitution that binds us.

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