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Hillary Clinton breaks with Biden on Afghan troop withdrawal: Report


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Watch this “Hillary Clinton breaks with Biden on Afghan troop withdrawal: Report” video below:

Fox Nation’s Joey Jones reacts as former secretaries of state express hesitancy.

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  1. Biden is not only making America safe again but bringing it back to life in the fastest record in us history only a 100 days. Biden did what trump failed to do his whole presidentcy Make America Great Again

  2. This time seems way different because Biden actually cares about the people first than anything else and he's worked very hard on making sure we get healthy before anything else on his agenda which is amazing I've never seen anybody focus so much on the people since Obama with helping us get out of the first recession we had back in 2008

  3. Hillary Clinton is a clown and corrupt to the core….. Who wants to know how she cares or think……. She should be investigated along with Obama and Bill Clinton

  4. Strange more Americans die from crime and freedom of having guns and that's what politicians need to focus on!
    Leave Afghanistan alone and doesn't need Americans testing their new weapons killing innocent villagers and families and burning their crops!

  5. The Fake Bureau of Investigation did not raid crooked Hillary’s home to seize her illegal email server. No reasonable prosecutor would do that. They only specialize in pre-dawn raids of houses of those associated with Trump. The bias, hypocrisy and Trump hating is insane.

  6. If anyone should know about withdrawal it is Hillary. Bill withdrew his member after the obligatory daughter was conceived and went right back to invade other places objectionable to Hillary, but not objectionable enough to step off his coattails. GTFAA…

  7. I wonder how many loved ones she has sent into combat? Many of our armed service members are willing to go into harms way for defending our country. Are they really defending our country over there???

  8. They're withdrawing troops and replacing them with 18k private contractors AKA mercenaries. Biden voters getting played again.

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