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Hannity slams Biden admin 'blocking any and all access' to border facilities


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Have a look at this “Hannity slams Biden admin 'blocking any and all access' to border facilities” video below:

‘Hannity’ host slams the White House over lack of transparency about ‘crisis’ at the southern border. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. I believe the left politicians in power will bring the western civilization to chaos, i don't know how long it's gonna take but i guess it won't be long, there's no stopping it, they've taken control of too many of the institutions and sold lies to people who believed it, it's sad to watch it all happening.

  2. Patriots..
    The National Basketball Association has been transformed into a political action committee by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Democrat.) Campaigning for Joe Biden. In addition, the following companies worked on Joe Biden's behalf, fund raised and campaigned for the Democrat party, BLM and other far left activist organizations.

    Hit them where it counts! Financial Boycott whenever possible-NBA, WNBA, Modelo Beer, Proctor & Gamble, Verizon, State Farm Insurance, Progressive Insurance. Entertainment Industry- TNT, ESPN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Discovery, TBS, TLC, Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Sonic, US Bank, Pepsi corp, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, Microsoft, (any companies advertising with the above companies.)

    Pass this along.

  3. We don't have jobs, and Covid is spreading… now ignorant Biden wants to bring in all of these people at the border? Insane!!!!! For the people wearing that diaper mask on your faces get ready for a super spread of Covid coming through our borders & no telling what else like tb! Send them all back! They need to come in legally!!! I miss President Trump!

  4. A 12 minute video with 6 interruptions for adds. some of those adds are over 5 minutes long if you don’t skip them. I HATE YOUTUBE!!! Its not worth watching, its all about money and no service

  5. What an idiot making fun of Biden tripping up steps. This happens to us all. ….very normal. Hannity. you do nothing but smear degrade demean..Disgusting human being how do you sleep at night? Evil hate filled heart are not REPORTING NEWS ..JUST TRASH TALK!!!

  6. Insanity Hannity ratings are dropping and he's such a phony !!! Everything Trump did at the border, was great shawn is that the deal !!!! Get this in your block head lego boy , the orange turd ain't never coming back

  7. Hannity where is AOC and Nydia Velasquez both socialist want open borders they have to take some immigrants to there houses and Biden and Kamala Harris

  8. Marjorie Taylor Greene had it right… Biden needs to be impeached. He has created a humanitarian disaster with his border policy.

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