GTA5 MulletVilleRP BREAKING NEWS: Weazel reporter is visiting the police department in Los Santos.

it's weaselly live with many fortune good afternoon Los Santos this is Manny fortune live from Los Santos Police Department serving you the hottest and most leading news your news is our business today we'll be talking about the rising crime rates and how we can do what we can do to stop it with me today I have officer skipper is that correct yes sir okay you wouldn't mind if I ask a couple questions about the the crime rates right now in Los Santos do you no no go ahead okay so what do you think about all the crime that's going on right now I think it's becoming a minute I think oh yeah there's no yeah has there been a sudden spike recently oh yeah increasingly we just now recently had come to find out we've gotten another motorcycle club or a gang up on the city we already had two lost NC in here and now we're getting the new club I don't know what they're called yet so I got to figure that out you're at the Los Santos Police Department they need you if you're sick and tired of the crime you're sick and tired of the gangs we need you to join us here at LSPD Police Department like we have we have short career long retirement full pension free gun only you can prevent the gangs from spreading in this city so join now if you can and now we cut to our eyes in the sky Jeff for the weather with the recent boom in crime rates and the load winning police force numbers can anyone feel safe at home who knows but or at the moment we also have a breaking footage of a car jacking with me personally included in it in broad daylight doing some proper newsmen a fake you in the news look I'm reporting on people want to know is Bobby gay no there we go yeah or so he says that's a lethal weapon on my new report fake news is it though is it oh just take my car and I'm gonna I'll be off you just said you'd know these cars were yours what do you mean you're taking that car fuck you oh and there you have it ladies and gentlemen a true a true sleazeball that's gay and back to Jeff with the traffic report looks like they got one in custody just came over ready one in custody it looks like they're calling for an EMS shots were fired with the raising crime rates we see even illegal aliens from different planets robbing our jewelry stores when will it end but someone dead who knows you

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