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Graham: Impeachment ends when Trump is re-elected and Pelosi, Tlaib are fired


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Watch this “Graham: Impeachment ends when Trump is re-elected and Pelosi, Tlaib are fired” video below:

Senator Lindsey Graham weighs in on impeachment on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’

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  1. This is un called for . This is a great President A good man.Ivanka handed out groceries to the needy in Florida did they report it on the news . No they think they are better than tho. Corrupt news media bias dividing the country . Not giving Trump a platform. Even down to Public Broadcasting . I called and ask why .? ????? Bias too. They told me they would pass it to their boss. That's means their doing nothing. I wouldnt send you a penny. ….You got the Obama Bidens Nancy on wheres Trump platform. Yall that bias. Sad.

  2. Here the chuds start galvanizing behind someone who proposes looking into injecting disinfectant, claims he's never heard of a category 5 hurricane after 3 of them, and thinks he had the popular vote won. The dumbing down of America. Keep America Braindead

  3. I see a person that crapped on many others with his constant condescension…many bankrupsies with his and others money.failed marriages and a current one where his own wife shirks at his touch ..
    I see false bravado…I see vanity. I see many others not believing him…meaning congress and impeachment…I see him taking ownership of others successes…I do believe my eyes and ears, and I see suck ups like graham who flips his morals for whatever helps him politically and many other similar people. tRump just sucks

  4. Honestly I am so tired of Fox's support of the traitor Trump and the completely slanted coverage of the news that I am boycotting every "product" Fox sells. I will not watch any of their channels or anything created by Fox. I have always watched the Simpsons but know I will not even watch that. They program based on political beliefs so I have the right to block them for the same reason.

  5. Look at every country that George Soros has meddled in. Hillary said, "We need more people like him." People need to look at the bigger picture. It is global tyranny and treason against the United States. What is agenda 21? Some conspiracies are real.

  6. COMMUNISM reigns in America thanks to Communist Dictator Kim Jong Trump and his GOP Communist party. Only spreading communistic propaganda tactics on their supporters to keep them loyal to Kim Jong Trump at all cost. North Korea and China would be so proud to have you all. Do what they they do, PUNISH, ATTACK, SILENCE, and use Retribution for all those Americans, ex Trump administration officials and patriots who dare speak out about Kim Jong Trump's corrupted administration regime!

  7. Graham is wrong!
    It will only end when they finally start arresting all the criminals in D.C.
    If they do not have consequences for their actions, It Will Never End!
    All the Dems are corrupt, Fbi, Cia, Nsa etc are corrupt too.
    When are the Real Criminals going to be held accountable?
    Being Fired or resigning while still being paid by the American Tax Payers, is NOT Being held accountable!!!

  8. Thank You Maria!!! You lit a fire under his butt, it so needed to be done. Enough dragging out the process. Like a band-aid, it just needs to be ripped-off and check what's under neath. You really are a hero fighter for America! I have been watching your show for factual news for years. Thank you patriot for simple truth. The good, the bad, and the ugly; now we can go about fixing it. May God's light shine upon you and you stay blessed.

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