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Giuliani raid unveils political 'double standard'


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Sen. Tom Cotton, R-AR, discusses disparities between investigations on former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani and Hunter Biden. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime

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  1. Double standard? More like double talk! The day Rudy said on Faux news that he had "insurance" to make sure trump wouldn't throw him under the bus…..his big mouth opened up an FBI file. I think the FBI had a plethora of info long before they knocked on the door of Giuliani. The recent warrant just now makes all the info admissible. It is my guess that they waited until trump was out of office to act so there could be no pardon.

  2. The left as Satan's handmaiden suffers no criticisms from the left because of shared values and goals. Everything is understood and agreed as fair game and necessary collateral damage.

  3. The difference between what the Bidens were doing in Ukraine under Obama and what Rudy was doing is completely opposite. Biden was there to help them fight off Russian corruption in their politics. Rudy who was warned he was a target of Russian espionage, fell full-on in, and went there to circumvent the elected officials, withhold the congressionally approved aid and fire a perfectly good ambassador who was there to further the goals of combating the corruption that the Russians were trying to do to Ukraine. Get it, you dumb asses? Rudy should be prosecuted for Treason.

  4. On Monday, Fox News anchor John Roberts ultimately issued a retraction for implying that a meat ban is part of Biden’s plan to combat climate change. “That,” Roberts says, “is not the case.” The confusion apparently came after a Daily Mail article conflated Biden’s new climate proposals with a 2020 study about the potential impact of Americans eating less red meat,

  5. Double Standards accuratly reveal that denunciation is never ever about values. Its only about assault. It remains harsh to understand how such miserable groups have influence and power.

  6. Time for Trump to distance himself from Rudy as he "slips" under the bus. Trump has no loyalty towards Rudy who was just a sycophant always looking for a big payday. I think an orange jumpsuit would suit Rudy. But wait, maybe he can stay out of jail if he flips on The Dear Leader. Watch this space.

  7. Come on FOX the article was about the Guliani search warrant & you deflected, Why?

    Tom Cotton is the senator for the bottom of the American barrel for education, healthcare, wages but they are very high in crime, teen pregnancy & taxes… lmao

  8. The investigation of Rudy started under Trump, so the double standard isn't on Biden…. But leave it to Fox to want to blame Biden for Trump's problems. "Part of the Democratic playbook" but committed by Trump's DOJ!!! Fox is a bunch of straight up liars.

  9. Epic political gangsters Biden cartel make MOB look like pikers! $5.3 billion missing in Ukraine. ..who cares?Comey lies leaks spies steals confidential information. ..who cares ! 90 millon Trump followers so tech shut down a president! Marxist takeover! landslide at midnight! King Cuomo serial granny killer still in office? Who cares? Tractor trailer of votes trucked from NY corruption central! Who cares ?

  10. How did 75 million voters become silenced so easily and effectively? When did our democratic country become a socialist state? Where have the voices of sanity and reason gone? When did American citizens become dictated to, by our public servants? When did we become door mats to the extreme leftist democratic party? Will our country last another four years??

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