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    Friday, June 26 top news briefs


    Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth! It is Friday, June 26 Here are top news briefs

    Texas Gov Greg Abbott signed an executive order to close all bars by noon today and for restaurants to go from a 75% capacity to a 50% capacity because there is a surge of coronavirus cases The governor said it is clear that Texans congregating in bars is one of the main reasons why there is a rise in cases Florida reported almost 9,000 new cases of Covid-19 today Florida will now suspend all alcohol consumption at bars statewide

    Police in Madison, Wisconsin said four men attacked a 18-year-old Black woman, Althea Bernstein, by spraying flammable liquid on her and throwing a lighter, causing her to suffer burns Police said it happened at 1 am when Bernstein was in a car that was stopped at a red light Bernstein said she heard a racial epithet before the attack and that it was four white men who attacked her

    An image of Bernstein's face shows large, red splotches caused by the burns Police said they are investigating and looking at surveillance images More than 100 individuals who said they survived sexual abuse from Jeffrey Epstein have filed for claims from the Epstein Victims' Compensation Fund The fund is estimated to have $630 million in it The program was developed from representatives from all sides to acknowledge the survivors' experiences and their long-term suffering, and to limit litigation in public courts

    Epstein was a wealthy and powerful sexual predator who died in a Manhattan jail in August Epstein was facing trial on charges of sex trafficking and abusing more than 20 underage teenager girls In Glasgow, Scotland, six people were injured in a mass stabbing The suspect was a male who was fatally shot by police officers One of the six injured is a police officer

    Authorities said the situation is under control and that it is not considered an act of terrorism NBC News reported that a former police officer in the Miami area, Jordy Y Martel, was charged with battery and misconduct in relation to an incident on January 14 A video shows him kneeling on a Black woman's neck while tasing her in the stomach The woman's name is Safiya Satchell

    Martel was off-duty but was wearing a police uniform This happened outside of a strip club The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said Martel had no reason to arrest Satchell, used excessive force, and lied on his arrest report The US

    House of Representatives passed a bill to turn Washington, DC into the 51st US state

    DC has long wanted to become a state because residents pay taxes but do not have voting representation on the federal level CNBC said DC

    has a larger population than Wyoming or Vermont and pays more federal taxes than 22 states But they have no representation It is the first time that the House passed a bill to start this process, but Republicans in the Senate and President Donald Trump are opposed to the idea of adding a 51st star to our flag, so the bill was a symbolic move, perhaps to show what could happen in the future President Trump said in May that he was opposed to DC

    statehood because it would lead to more Democratic members of Congress Supporters for statehood said it's more than politics – it's about Black representation because more than half of DC residents are African-American That is all the top news briefs for today

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