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FOX News reacts to Biden's first joint address to Congress


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Check out this “FOX News reacts to Biden's first joint address to Congress” video below:

FOX News panel debate the effectiveness of the president’s congressional remarks. #FoxNews #Biden

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  1. what about the war on white people in America, we built this country,
    your kind is riding on our coattails , we invited the car, toasters,
    dishwashers, electricity,airplanes , the rule of law,show some
    appreciation. I'm white and proud of it, what has your race done for the
    country? I want a white appreciation month.

  2. Am I the only person who now thinks that Fox News is an ailing, corrupt entity that panders to its viewers with lies and disinformation? Murdoch must be laughing his socks off from the amount of money he's making from turning America into a divided country.Not bad for an immigrant.

  3. Trumptards are fakers who have no integrity. They are the same people who deny voting for McCain and Romney when they ran for President… Never trust a Trumptard!!! They are domestic terrorists.

  4. I don't know why I bother watching panelists/analysts because who really cares what they think but I did and of course got annoyed at their whining about masking. It's just a way for the analysts to throw out straw man arguments.

  5. I have yet to see Fox new family members at any trump riot I mean showing of terror , if it's so easy going and happy , why not?

  6. " No dollar, we volunteer"! and the bad god consequences!
    I wish I could write in currier format for you and your audience. PRO abortion of the International Monetary Fund, Federal Banks and Central BANKS and your HERO, Bill Gates, that replaced JESUS, owning all the lands. Abort Religions, their GOD is not good, you can overthrown them all. Defund ARMY

  7. Did he off a lot of stuff Chris Wallace?? Well don’t get too excited that you tinkle a little. NO THANKS. I don’t need or want his or anyone else’s handouts. I was raised better than that. If I didn’t earn it then I don’t want it. And if you’re forcing someone else to give it to me and I accept, then that makes me an accessory to theft.. and I’m not a thief. You wanna be a lap dog for a bunch of wanna -be communists then be my guest. Just remember Wallace… every dog has his day.

  8. So sad that Katie has mush for brains. She is such a beautiful woman. Just goes to show that not everyone can be AOC

  9. The cheerleaders—Harris and Pelosi — kept leaping up in glee as this strange report was trotted out. Taking credit again for the great triumph of a successful control of the deadly virus destroys confidence in the man who demands our belief.
    Destroying the “remain in Mexico” pact and the Northern Triangle controls is creating a disastrous situation daily. It is becoming evident daily that our country is in the hands of a group formed from the Obama officials of those two terms.

  10. offering free stuff is popular? @ Chris. NOTHING is free from the government. you think the rich are just going to take the tax hit out of the kindness of their harts? no they will raise prices on the products their company makes so we will all end up paying more but the rich will maintain their normal standard of living. Democrats are seriously so naive.

  11. Why is Chris Wallace still employed by FOX????
    Why is Juan Williams still employed by FOX????
    FOX just as crappy as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ect.

  12. Chris Wallase: "This will be popular with Americans he promising a lot of stuff" No he's promising a lot more Government control! If you thing Government is the answer than your the problem…people.

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