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FOX News presses Schumer on Democrat 'double-standards'


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Check out this “FOX News presses Schumer on Democrat 'double-standards'” video below:

FOX News’ Chad Pergram questioned the Senate Majority Leader on magnetometer and join address double standard; FOX News’ Kevin Corke reports. #FoxNews #Breaking

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  1. Fantastic journalism Fox (not so much)
    Tell your stupid neighbors to get the vaccine so I can stop volunteering at the ICU.
    Stop being idiots. Listen to doctors not politicians

  2. You tell me these cocksuckers don't have a sideous agenda! I was always under the impression that a vaccine shot keeps you immunized against the very virus you take the vaccine for! If you got the shots then you tell me why you would still have to wear a mask? Seriously…I've never worn a mask to avoid getting polio! I was vaccinated for that!!!!

  3. Those mask's are illegal on a federal installation for protective use on a job site because they are ineffective in general. Imbiciles talking about mask's..

  4. They are scare about their own security but do not care of ours. They let riots burned cities last year, refused to help, do something about it, people got hurt and killed. They condemn the police, want to defund it but have their own private security. They don’t care about “The People”

  5. Funds for:
    Racial Justice – some goes to where it should but the VAST MAJORITY ends up in someone else's pockets
    Climate "Justice" – Throwing your Tax $ away on Programs that have NO Definitive Goals – just abstract causes
    Social Infrastructure – More Tax $ being given as payoffs and thanks for donations
    Student Debt Relief – If you are a Caucasian Male don't bother asking as it DOES NTO apply to you -SJW – WOKE – Virtue Signalling Courses get full relief along with anything to do with SOCIALISM

  6. The Trump ban on Chinese immigration began on February 5, 2020. Our NIH had been alerted about the outbreak of the Wuhan corona virus. It had been recognized by Dr. Li Wenliang on December 1, 2019 and spread rapidly. By Trump’s action and his rebuke of Dr. Tedros Gebresseus, he signaled correctly that WHO had failed the world by not declaring a pandemic.

    The first infections in Milan were traced to those Chinese factory workers who went home to China forJanuary 20 Chinese New Year’s . They returned to Milan and created the first European outbreak.

    As the mystery killer spread, our country became a front runner in the great race.
    The success of the Moderna and PfizerN tech vaccines, in the United States, supported by federal funds, and with the Operation Warp Speed to begin the rollout to pharmaciesall took place within the Trump administration.

    While we may feel life is becoming safer, with more than half the population vaccinated, the fact that there are now 5 varients confirmed means we should still plan carefully. The head of Moderna announced yesterday that the vaccine is proven safe for at least 9 months. The laboratories are planning a vaccine of 1/2 present vaccine and 1/2 new mix. His comment is “it will be like a seasonal flu shot.” This is magnificent news.

    With Kamala Harris sending Ramadan greetings to Indian worshippers, it is interesting that between 250,000- 300,000 cases are now surfacing daily in India following in the massive Ramadan festivals.

    Her concern for the southern border would be welcomed,

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