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FOX News panel applaud Tim Scott's rebuttal to Biden


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Have a look at this “FOX News panel applaud Tim Scott's rebuttal to Biden” video below:

FOX News’ Martha MacCallum, Bret Baier, Ben Domenech, Chris Wallace, Brit Hume and Katie Pavlich analyze the South Carolina Republican’s response to the president’s congressional address. #FoxNews

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  1. Chris Wallace is full of it. He is a registered Democrat and he is a liberal. The only reason he said this is because he works for Fox News. If he said anything against Tim Scott, it would be suicide for him. Tim Scott did an excellent job delivering the Republican response to Joe Biden's address. Kudos to him.

  2. Refreshing rebuttal, in that Tim Scott manages to make multiple earnestly salient points, obviously disagreeing with his political opponents, without once having to introduce snide, sneaky, back-stabbing, or hateful remarks to give weight to his words. Very well done!

  3. cris wallace was handpicked along with other leftist media members to meet with the Whitehouse staff pre-speech so he could get his marching orders Harold whats his face zoomed from his living room with a large portrait of chairman Mau in the background

  4. Well, J. Robinette Biden, having witnessed, as other Americans have the damage to the United States he has done since in office, find a sane person would not be capable of such otrocities.

  5. Tim Scott would be a "run of the mill" Democrat.
    Tim Scott stands out as Republican because he is the only one who is not a racist, bigot or xenophobe.

  6. Larry Elder is a hundred percent right my problem is I don't remember people's names vice president of United States she's brown but her husband's White but she thinks United States is racist but she was the one that had no problem putting a lot of black people in jail just like the president. When you have cnn download Black who talks about racism but his male partner happens to be a white man I wonder who's the racist out of these people how come they haven't married people of the same culture and colour is themselves

  7. Isn't amazing a black dude , a conservative, speaking his mind, ,been though Jim Crow 1.0, fighting Crow 2.0 Biden, knows its B.s, MLK, Seema to be forgotten. Makes me sad, irritated, reverting back to 65 LBJ policy, pay to suppress. Have we forgotten humanity.

  8. The reason why so many people hated Tim Scott's speech is because for them, there HAS to be racism in every aspect of American lives. But they're too stupid to even understand that THEY are the ones committing racism in the name of "social justice". And that's the sad part. Those who are in the leftist bubble don't educate themselves on the important topics, nor do they see the hypocrisy from their own political and ideological circles. For them, THEY'RE the moral and righteous groups. It's untenable, and it scares me to imagine just how far this will go, and what the damages will have incurred before this ends.

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