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Dems 'need to have discussion' about Biden's spending: Rep. Cuellar


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Have a look at this “Dems 'need to have discussion' about Biden's spending: Rep. Cuellar” video below:

Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar on Biden’s proposed spending plan and the growing border crisis. #FoxNews

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  1. Nah, I'm good.

    America won't get this chance for maybe another 30 years to fix our issues. Republicans can't stop us. Why the HELL would we listen to you beasts of burden? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN BIDEN!!

  2. Do you know what I find interesting congressman? Whenever Democrats spend $trillions, it never goes to whatever they promise the money is for. This time $1.8 Trillion for COVID relief and only 9% went to COVID relief. Now you want another $4 Trillion for what? Not for infrastructure, that's only 10% or so. Just admit you want to steal the rest and give it to the unions and ultimately back to your party. Steal American's tax money and launder it for yourselves. Shovel-ready jobs come to mind.

  3. Tax the corporations or pay them yourselves. Republicans didn't make the tax bill any smaller for regular folks. Corporations got a HUGE tax cut.

  4. President Biden won the election.
    Democrats are in charge. Republicans are powerless.
    Fox News is the whining channel.
    Ex president Trump said “ We will
    do so much whining, we are going
    to get tired of all this whining “. Are
    you tired yet, 6 months after the election?

  5. The Radical Republicans never ask how to pay for war or tax cuts.

    The Wars in the Middle East cost $6.4 Trillion

    The Bush Tax Cuts cost $5.6 Trillion

    The Trump Tax Cuts cost $2.3 Trillion

    That is $14.3 Trillion with nothing to show for it.

  6. The same Republicans who are now crying about the deficit are the same people who voted for $2T in tax cuts for the wealth and corporations.

    Don't be fooled. The deficit is political tool used by Republicans to block laws that benefit the American people.

  7. It’s amazing to think there are Republicans who imagine the fraudulent counting in AZ can prove anything besides their intent to further sow mistrust and conflict.

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