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Cuomo deflects blame for nursing home coronavirus crisis on Trump admin


We had 68,000 hospitalizations So the 4,000 number would be a subset of that and I don't know what information we have that we haven't released at this point you know no I don't think there is any information that we have that we haven't released at this point

But I just want to reiterate once again that the policy that the Department of Health put out was in line directly with the March 13 directive put out by CDC and CNS that read and I quote nursing homes should admit any individuals from hospitals where coded is president not could shut that as President Trump's CNS and CDC so I know that there's been a lot of discussion on this topic there are over a dozen states that did the exact same thing many of whom were concerned about hospital capacity at the time everybody remembers the projections were well into the 140,000 hospital bed range whereas we started out with I think it was about 50,000 and so obviously any death is an unfortunate death but even when you look at in comparison to other states, New Jersey has 5,522 confirmed nursing home deaths whereas New York has 3,094 Massachusetts 3,755 Connecticut 1,400 87 it's been a national and international tragedy that everybody has had to grapple with and it is something that we're trying to learn from every day and move forward Yeah I see let me just let me just coming into the look we're in a political environment here I get it I understand it I'm a big boy I can say all day long I refuse to politicize this discussion and I have not and I will not because I represent Democrats and Republicans and independents and atheists and short people and tall people and the politics makes no difference to me I have no political agenda I have no political aspirations there's no politics here the I can say that, but we're still in an election year and people are still playing politics and this is a hyper partisan environment to the extent people want to politicize this issue and Republicans are saying well New York did this New York followed the president's agency's guidance so that de politicizes it what New York did was follow what the Republican administrations said to do that's not my attempt to politicize it it's my attempt to d politicize it so don't criticize the state for following the president's policy


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