Crisis en Zarzuela: El último desplante de doña Letizia a don Felipe | DT NEWS TODAY

Zarzuela crisis: The last rebuff of doña Letizia don Felipe | DT NEWS TODAY Sovereign has done it again It has clearly not comfortable with the circle of friends of her husband

Doña Letizia is not the work of facilitating photographed her daughters Doña Letizia does not feel comfortable in the group of friends of her husband is public knowledge They say they tried to find their place but it was impossible because he did not feel welcomed, hence do after long accompanied the king to fraternal events, as happened this weekend in Palma de Mallorca, where the link was held goddaughter of the sovereign, Martina Jaúdenes Diego and Luis Abascal Alía By the way, who was also invited Marta Gayá so often papelón for don Felipe, who has a hobby more than justified to the good lady for being the cause of many of the tears shed by his mother The absence of the queen in the link has been much talked about because its presence was confirmed

However, at the last minute she decided not to go What happened? Impossible to know given the secrecy that keeps the press department of Zarzuela, where they report on issues relating to what they call personal issues, which are those that happen in the leisure time of the royal couple So, impossible to know where they have spent the summer or if you go skiing at Christmas, for example Anyway, the fact is that we are facing another snub sovereign, who also like to join the Bourbon cousins Their behavior has caused occasional discomfort in the couple

And don Felipe does not know what to put face when asked about his wife, why not give excuses for their absences are less conspicuous Long ago, he commented about a marital crisis Even he said the king emeritus advised his son would divorce Apparently, her daughter is not his cup of tea It's something that does not bother to conceal

Queen Sofia also has it easy with doña Letizia You tried to approach her without much success Although he said nothing, it is known that a large disgust was when the first couple's daughter was born Both she and the infantas you were convinced that Sophia would be called In fact, it was a name Dona Elena and her sister Cristina liked very much but left it to his brother put it to her first child, if it was a child

However, imperative doña Letizia, the heiress is called Leonor The second of her daughters if they put the name of his paternal grandmother Everything indicates that it was don Felipe who stood and chose the name this time In which it was the first day of school of infantas, or an image of him Again the queen has done it again preventing photographers portray Leonor and Sofia on arrival at the school where they study

Doña Letizia was driving a car with tinted windows and ordered his daughters to get down before crossing the threshold from school to avoid being captured by the media gathered there Really it surprised because this behavior is well known that children are the future of the monarchy, hence most royal houses do not put impediments to be photographed during the year However, the sovereign thinks differently The problem is that the Infanta Leonor is the heir to the throne Therefore, from small, you must be familiar with the kind of life he leads marked from birth

He educate them otherwise will only create you false expectations of normality which can never enjoy because of their position

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