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Constitutional attorney takes on Biden's gun control proposals


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Gayle Trotter joins ‘Fox News Primetime’ to discuss constitutionality of Biden’s gun measures. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime

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  1. Old Man Joe is right about the constitutional amendments. Weapon control is essential. Over the sale and verification of buyers. Now this is just a formality and it is not right. And since in America there is less and less common sense, and there are more and more morons – you will never solve this problem!

  2. Well I just don't even listen to those people who say well you can't go out of your house b*******, you can't have family over for 4th of July b*******, or you can say this but you can't say that b*******, I go where I want when I want, I say what I want ,when I want I do what I want ,when I want and I invite people over to my house, who I want ,when I want !!

  3. I don't even own any guns, but what scares me is that I feel as the American people's rights are slowly being taken away and crushed that there's going to be a revolution,

  4. One in order to understand what the founding fathers intended when they wrote the Constitution one must also read The Federalist papers as well as the Constitution in order to gain a clear understanding of what the founding fathers intended to accomplish !!

  5. When does this joker get impeached ? Trump gets impeached twice without breaking actual laws.. Joe makes excecutive orders to break multiple Constitutional ammendments and somehow not a peep? He's just a puppet for the party… wake up America.

  6. They won't stop the child shootings in Chicago and they want you to think that it will but it won't, the gang members and the drug lords don't care about laws,they don't care about human life, they only care about the money and controlling territory so they can sell their drugs without interference !!

  7. Every amendment to the Constitution is written in stone in is absolute and you have no authority whatsoever to tell us what guns we can buy when we can buy them whether we have to register them or not it's all illegal and your executive orders have no authority of law !!

  8. Executive orders ARE NOT the law of the land. They are interpretations of existing statute. No one has any obligation to comply if they are not simple interpretations. Any attempt to regulate firearms by executive order WILL BE universally ignored, I can promise you that. Gun control laws rammed through after Sandy Hoax are being ignored and these will be too.

  9. K Joe you started it! We the people will finish it! Also stop creating shootings like Obama did to push your cause kids and people are dying for nothing…and if you dont believe they would not do this than you must think they care about you or your kids…your fodder for the cause!

  10. Most politicians are some of the most discusting self righteous bigoted hypocrites you could ever meet. They are responsible for most of the peoples problems. They are not in touch with reality, because they don't live in our reality, and disconnected. They rule by fear and peer pressure, neither is deserving of our respect.

  11. Trump warned you Biden voters that if he won the election "stole the election" he would tear down our borders and take away our guns "or at least try to" and yet you morons voted for him anyway!

  12. It comes down to Biden is an idiot, and he has no clue about anything. He has never read the second amendment, and I would like to know after his address to America can he read at all? Also have you noticed every one calls him Biden, not President Biden. He doesn't have a Presidential bone in his body. Impeach this idiot before he runs this country into the ground.


  14. Trump issued a heap of Executive Orders in his first few moths. Yet Fox is not critical.
    The National Firearms Act has been in force since the Valentines day massacre. It has been added to several times since then. SCOTUS decides on it's constitutionally every time a proposed change comes up. SCOTUS has found that the Second Amendment has limits.

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