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    These stunning pictures captured by renowned US photographer Steve McCurry show the complex relationship between humans and animals around the world Images include a young boy resting on a sleeping cow in Nepal, an Afghan woman feeding a flock of doves and a horse standing on the burning oil fields of Kuwait   McCurry, best known for his poignant National Geographic Afghan girl image, traveled to Japan, India, Nepal, Germany, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Kuwait, Mongolia and Afghanistan to capture nature's unpredictability   The photos show holidaymakers lounging next to an elephant in Sri Lanka, a nomadic boy tending to his goat in Tibet and a teenager in India with an albino rat on his shoulders  In his book, Animals, he selected images from a vast archive to explore the complex relationship between man and beast  McCurry was born in Philadelphia, PA, has scores of magazine, book covers and countless exhibitions around the world to his name  He is well known for his poignant 1984 image 'Afghan Girl' showing a green-eyed 12-year-old girl, Sharbat Gula, also known as Sharbat Bibi, appearing on the cover of National Geographic   A Muslim woman feeding doves in front of the Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan in 1991 Legend says the mosque is so sacred that any dove with a speck of colour on its feathers will instantly become pure white A young nomad boy with his family goat near Litang, Tibet, in 2013 at 4,000 metres The region has a subarctic climate and the goats produce fine cashmere wool A couple are served drinks while they lounge by the pool next to idyllic sands and crashing waves in Bentota, Sri Lanka, in 1995 as an elephant walks by A Japanese Snow Monkey keeps warm in a hot spring in Yamanouchi, Nagano in Japan in 2018 The monkeys get their name because they live in areas covered in areas where snow covers the ground for months each year A young boy lies sleeping stretched out on a dozing cow on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2013, as pigeons graze around them An eagle hunter rides a horse on the dramatic rocky landscape of Ulgii in the Altai Region of Mongolia in 2018 The silhouette of a horse in the burning oils fields of Al Ahmadi, Kuwait in 1991, abandoned after fighting The ground is blackened with oil and camels roam the vast landscape A colourful photograph shows a teenage boy eating an ice lolly as a white albino rat sits on his shoulders in Chennai, India in 1996 A young shepherd in Magdeburg, Germany, holds a crook as he guides his herd with the help of a sheep dog in 1989 A man enjoys a cigarette on the steps of an Italian eatery while reading a newspaper accompanied by his dog in Rome, Italy, 1994 These breathtaking images captured by renowned photographer Steve McCurry portray the unique and intimate relationship between the human race and the animal world across every corner of the globe

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