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Breaking News US/Australia ll House Rules: Bizarre guidelines contestants must abide by are reveale


Legal documents have exposed the strict and often bizarre rules reality TV contestants must abide by during filming The behind-the-scenes secrets of House Rules were laid bare this week in paperwork submitted to the Workers Compensation Commission, after former participant  Nicole Prince took legal action against Channel Seven The list of rules offers a grim picture of life filming a reality show, with the contestants' behaviour being closely monitored and restricted Workers Compensation Commission arbitrator Cameron Burge found in favour of season five contestant Ms Prince, deeming her to have been an 'employee' of Seven and ruling that she had suffered a 'psychological / psychiatric injury' on the show Share this article Share Channel Seven has been ordered to compensate Nicole for her medical treatment in relation to her injury As part of Nicole's case, her lawyer, Mr C Tanner, highlighted some of the program's rules for the 2017 contestants, including being filmed at any time of the day or night In one stipulation, participants are only allowed to socialise with other contestants when on site or in the presence of producers and / or camera crews  'Private socialising under any circumstance,' the documents state, 'is strictly prohibited ' Bizarrely, wearing sunglasses and playing music is also banned unless contestants receive permission from the producers Furthermore, they are not allowed to remove their microphone or turn their audio transmitter off 'at any time', according to the paperwork  And if they need to go to the bathroom, the rules state they should 'inform their sound recordist' first  In another bizarre rule, all meals eaten by contestants have to be prepared on site, and they are only allowed to leave with permission from producers If the show's participants break any of the guidelines, they face being disqualified from the competition  Nicole's lawyer argued that the guidelines were 'strict and controlling' of both his client and the other contestants Daily Mail Australia has contacted Channel Seven for comment

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