BREAKING NEWS !!! The Detu MAX 3D 8K 360° VR Camera With AI Processing

detu's team-based in Los Angeles California have created a new 3d 8k 360-degree virtual reality camera which is equipped with an artificial intelligent processor the detu max camera has been designed to provide users with a professional grade a a 360-degree virtual reality panoramic camera that is equipped with true 3d capabilities the camera can capture stunning 12 K images 8 K videos and live stream with incredible clarity the AI chip enables real-time object tracking to capture realistic 3d portraits the deep learning algorithm also selects and stitches together the videos and images inside the camera without the need for a PC the detu max is the only camera that can take 3d images with perfect clarity from a distance of one meter all others on the market can only stitch properly from a distance of 3 meters with max content creators are never held back they can get close to their subject and create the very best 3d content maintaining the highest quality is critical with Detu max all photo and video files are preserved in their original format so you'll always be working with the highest quality raw photos and log videos store content easily with dual 128 gigabytes SD cards it is recommended to use higher capacity cards especially if filming the 4800 mile lithium ion high-capacity removable battery supports up to 60 minutes of continuous shooting you can purchase a second battery and swap out during shoots if needed the d2 max camera is available via Kickstarter with priced from 2000 $199 for approximately 1642 two pounds for earlybird bakers

Source: Youtube

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