BREAKING NEWS: Robert Mueller's testimony is POSTPONED

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's blockbuster appearance before two House committees has been delayed until later this month Mueller had been scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees Wednesday – the first time he would face questions since releasing his 448-page report on Russian election interference  However it has been pushed off until July 24 from July 17, Politico and other outlets reported Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller will now testify July 24 before two House economiesAs his hearing approached, junior members have been grousing about their apparent inability to get the chance to ask questions in the tight format Two back-to-back hearings are scheduled to run just a few hours, with additional time for testimony behind closed doors   With just two hours of testimony slotted for each panel, rank and file members of the  41-member Judiciary panel were concerned they might get to play no role, Politico reported  While the Judiciary panel is investigating obstruction of justice, the intelligence panel is looking at Russian interference in the 2016 election Mueller wrote that there was not enough evidence to establish a conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign, but detailed extensive contacts between the two President Trump has blasted the Mueller probe as a 'witch hunt' RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next 'Enough already, go back to work!' Trump unloads on Democrats hit Trump's White House and friends with a blitz Share this article Share Mueller will be grilled on his interactions with Attorney General Bill Barr, who issued his own four-page summary of the report and decided not to charge President TrumpAs part of the intelligence committee's probe, its staff will interview Felix Sater behind closed doors on Tuesday The Russia-born business executive worked with Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, on a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow before the 2016 election  The project was later abandoned, and Cohen is now in prison, partly on charges that he lied to Congress about the duration of the project

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