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BREAKING NEWS : Liverpool beats Barcelona and Man Utd for record breaking fee transfer


according to clients from the German media the cities in repot from 13044 Liverpool are free wearing a Hubie to beat Barcelona in Manchester United the signing cupca Hubbard's lastly it was reported that the red had held talk in December after a possible mob but the Bayer Leverkusen climate on this fake question has air science ramped it up with present indication circa seeing the children club is sticking up and a watery 125 million euro will coordinate the other this P word says Liverpool Karim rush to record with 10 at 75 million euro following City loaf and I switch from Southampton in 2010 again Liverpool's my help signing the coming minamino already this man but it's same Club is unwilling to waste and his flowers with kytravels name is the friend we clean gentleman is one of the word must exceed exceeding talents at the moment and it is little surprised to know that he likes of Barcelona and the red had been found a potentiometer habits it's dynamic trotted and energy degree and this three times what flip a file to be perfectly sweet to DB to the physically demanding style the Dylan Bob employed at 125 million euro – we're gonna give Internacional who has Google and Asus a slam in the Bundesliga system maybe a little too crazy this has evidentially to grow in the literary world to us prior what we're on our mount he was back Liverpool to next level smashing the club transfer record for the civil demands such a department to the starting line up the small Jane Crewson ml haven't called in our opinion to be a good signing for red upper spending has not been typically of the forward thinking on until hierarchy tout and 125 million euro with the abyssal or slide the party you

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