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Breaking News Kannada Short Film Comedy with English subtitles


who is going to sit and read all this vishwa we dont want newpaper from tomorrow yes we dont want since so many news channels are there who will sit and read these newspapers, tell me what you are saying is correct, newspaper circulation is increasing that, people subscribe to newspaper just to showoff who reads now a days, you tell me no, no, no we dont want ok dogs barking sound why are they shouting such dogs barking why are they too shouting even if i fight at home i do not shout so much oh no this is fake news the fake news that came of watsapp yesterday is the one they are showing as news they have made it as news it is not possible to watch these channels dog barking oh god this too is false news too see these news one needs to keep your mobile in hand and keep checking its authenticity through google along with that we have to tolerate this shouting as well vishwa you only can save us vishwa from tomorrow please put newspaper yes, i need newspaper yes from tomorrow you put the newspaper oh it is so peaceful no one is shouting along side no need of verifying from mobile no wonder inspite of so many news channels, newspaper circulation is still increasing


Source: Youtube

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