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    BREAKING NEWS: I Shower Sitting Down… [CC]


    I shower sitting down [upbeat intro music] Hello! Ooft- good lord Welcome to my shower! This is a weird video to make I’m not going to lie to you, um, and there’s a fan in the background so I’m hoping that that’s not too loud for you and that you can still hear me

    If you can’t, there’s going to be captions, um, just turn the captions on So, yes, hi, I shower sitting down Breaking news I know I know that might seem like the dullest thing I could make a video about, and for some people it might be, but the amount of people that find it shocking is shocking in itself I… I personally don’t see what the big deal is because it’s comfortable, but- I don’t know, let’s just talk about why I shower sitting down

    I shower sitting down because I have a multitude of chronic illnesses/symptoms that flare up in the shower The exact combination of things going on is currently under investigation Um, but I do have ehlers-danlos syndrome, most likely hypermobility type but I still have yet to be seen by clinical genetics so I can’t actually say for sure, and hypermobile ehlers-danlos syndrome does not have a genetic link yet, but they just wanted to rule out other types, and when they all come back negative it will be definitely hypermobile eds That’s why that’s a thing Second of all, I have POTS-like symptoms

    I have been asked a number of times whether I have POTS, so Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome It has been bought up in multiple medical appointments Some of which you will have seen, like in the allergist appointment she mentioned it Um, the reason I am making this video now is because I’m about to have my last shower for 6 days while I get a cardiac monitor put on Hopefully that will tell us or help find out whether I have POTS or not

    It will point us in the right direction but- if I stand up in the shower I get really really dizzy, I have fainted In the shower numerous times, I ha- I suffer with chronic pain I don’t really like the term suffer, but I do have chronic pain and standing in the shower really exacerbates that I have hip issues where they are popping and grinding and not always in the place that they should be in, whatever’s going on there not really sure Knees, also quite bad You’ve seen from another one of my videos “I got new feet”, I have foot issues so standing like barefoot with no arch support is really really bad for me no matter how much physio I do, so it’s just easier to sit down

    Um, what else, what else? It’s comfortable! It is so much more comfortable to just sit It does mean I take longer showers but it is just comfortable There’s not really much else to say I sit down in the shower because health reasons, but you don’t have to be ill to sit down in the shower This shower chair here cost me- it would about £12

    99 I got it off a seller off eBay It wasn’t second hand but they sell the new stuff, so I got it there I just bought the thing, and it changed my life, because now I can actually shower and shower for long enough that I get clean and feel clean, because it’s just sitting down in the shower I don’t understand what the big deal is One time, back when I was in university and I still used my wheelchair, I couldn’t physically- I didn’t have the leg power and lack of pain to be able to stand up in the shower, and I was heavily involved with my student union, I went away to conferences and all sorts, so one of these conferences I needed to stay overnight in a hotel

    I had an accessible room, I was in my wheelchair, it was kind of obvious, and then I get in there and there is no shower chair So I wheel all the way down to reception and I’m like “Hey, do you have a shower chair that I can have so I can actually shower?” and they were like “Yeah, there’s some in the drawer” and I’m like some in the drawer!? And they thought I meant shower gel and then when I was like “No, a stool, something to sit on to shower, because hello, wheelchair?” It would be like- I know not all people in a wheelchair and “confined” to them and like, I am an ambulatory wheelchair user myself, I can get out of my wheelchair, but at that point I couldn’t shower standing up and I would like to think that if you see somebody in a wheelchair and they’re asking for something to sit on in the shower, you’re kind of like oh yeah, not like but why? Um, but they were so… shocked and not helpful I did eventually get one, but it took so much more effort than it needed to because the common sense just wasn’t there They didn’t quite understand what I was asking for maybe But I did also have the kind of “but you’re so young” and like but- but- what? Like, anybody should be able to ask for a shower chair, regardless of wheelchair situation, but even in that situation, they were still shocked that I needed one

    And it’s just… for all the reasons previously mentioned, it’s just better So you don’t have to be old, you don’t have to be disabled, you don’t have to have a chronic illness, you don’t have to have symptoms or an injury that require it, you can just prefer to sit down There is absolutely nothing wrong with that Um, and I don’t want people to feel bad if they need a shower chair, I want us to normalise it or not find it as weird, because it’s just- it’s just a chair And when I’m in the bath it functions as a table for my bath snacks

    Bath snacks oh my god, that’s going to be on the internet It is just so useful And if you are a leg shaver, it helps There is a leg, and I’m sat down to do it and it’s not that painful I’m not a leg shaver, but I have shaved my legs and I have found this to be revolutionary

    That’s kind of it I shower sitting down More people should Stop making it weird So! Don’t forget to like this video, drop a comment down below if this has been revolutionary for you, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, and ring that notification bell so you get notified every single time I post a new video

    Videos go up every Saturday at 6pm UK time with at least 1 bonus video every single month I’ve been doing pride month too long Well, that’s the end of it See ya!

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