BREAKING NEWS !!! Alleluia ! On a atteint le dôme ! ( sous-titres )

What follows does not reflect the words of Wolfie, much more weighted than me in his remarks I do not have the time, nor the leisure to translate it, but the info being hot, I just put my two cents on his video

A few months ago, Wolfie6020 informed us that a near-Earth flight with overflight of the poles was in anticipation The big day is approaching, the departure will take place in 3 days This feat has already been achieved in the past but they will try to beat the last reference time held by a Bombardier business jet Those interested can find all the necessary information on the site dedicated to this flight (link description) The Gulfstream being faster to refuel and flying faster than the previous aircraft, the record should fall I can not wait to know the composition of the passengers

It must swarm of gurus platists The opportunity is too good for them to touch the "Dome" and reveal the imposture of Nasa satanico-franc-mason! I understand better why Waldek was scarce for some time, he simmers a smoking blow in the company of the world elite of the Planécrétinerie , I'm sure all the gratin of the Flat Earth Society must be, though they are eating their noses Bob Nodel, Mark Sarjent, Jeranism and other sizes did not miss such an opportunity to seek truth Only Kiki was stuck in the Philippine jungle, not having the necessary circles despite desperate calls for his bowl

Building a haven of peace and love in compressed cow dung and stamped sheets is expensive even there In short! As soon as we have the precise data of this flight, followed by the satellites, Wolfie will give us an accurate and detailed report Until then, wear well!

Source: Youtube