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    Breaking news 5/1/18: Will Trump fire Rosenstein?


    but we beheaded for Friday the 13th massacre forget Saturday night massacre Charlie gasps Breno says he's hearing rumors of a high-profile exit in the Trump administration that could spook some investors come Monday morning Charlie what is it we should point out this sourcing of this and that it's speculation because my twitter feed is just going nuts if you read my tweets the tweets say it specifically there is speculation both for my sources in DC and GOP staffers essentially and on major trading desks right now that rod Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General the guy who pointed Robert mullet a special counsel to essentially investigate Trump Russian collusion that he could be ousted imminently as early as tonight that is what's going on among Wall Street trading desks and in these among these GOP staffers now we should point out that doesn't mean this is confirmed I threw it I lob the question out that it to the to the White House had not heard back and these are not confirming sources so you say why do you report this stuff well the same reason why bloomberg reports there you know traders are talking about Warren Buffett you know helping bailout GE which we've seen which we've not even a trick that hasn't happened but these types of sources often do have an insight into what's going on I will tell you this Liz a couple years ago you – excuse me 2012 you and I were here at a different time different place but it was right after superstorm sandy and I had the same type of sources telling me that the New York City Marathon was going to be canceled they were turned out to be a hundred percent right ultimately and we took a lot of flack for reporting it but you know when it did come true it's obvious why these these traders often have access to information in Washington about what's going on to set up their trades and again speculation not saying it's gonna happen and even if Trump wants to do it maybe general Kelly is telling them not to for a lot of reasons believing this could be a real issue but as traders why do they care about this well the markets have been trading off on Muller News as it as it if it's in particular if it's negative involving the president that's why the traders can't care about this and I will say this if he does something like this that would be an issue I think the markets you know just based on prior trading and writing patterns and by the way past performance doesn't equal doesn't you know signify future future gains you know I think the markets trade off on something because this is very destabilizing and it's going to be a political s storm if this goes down particularly in light of the Comey book that just came out today the back-and-forth between the president Andrew McCabe is day as an IG report and Andrew McCabe one of the FBI people involved in the Muller probe there was very critical on him the president's tweeting this out this is a very very volatile time in the markets involving politics in Wall Street the Rosenstein thing will take it to another level that's one reason why I think I just said I think that somebody inside the White House is gonna tell Trump and maybe even his lawyer Ty Cobb if even if you want to do this don't even go there doesn't seem Bannen feel that he should do this that they should just take it to a Republican Congress and that will stand I think I think the president when you talk to people that know the president he obviously wants to fire him okay I just thought today it was interesting that this rumor was so widespread the fire because Rosenstein has said he would not fight without fire bowler but I'm just saying the sourcing of this is interesting it's it's they're not a hundred percent right all the time in this speculation just so you know far from it they're often right as you know they often have good plugs and tonight this thing is going rampant and it's rampant with GOP staffers as well again I want to say that doesn't mean it's gonna happen it means we're just reporting the speculation and sometimes you do report speculation it's it's worth it to get it out there and let's see what happens okay I'm gonna make a hard turn here a bit coin because you've been reporting very brilliantly on Bitcoin lately bitcoins moving higher today but we are just days away from tax day and there are people who bought Bitcoin who knows it a thousand and it went up to twenty eight twenty thousand it's still pretty high at eight thousand eighty two if you bought it low right there are tax implications here that may affect people who have made some money some cash by trading out Bitcoin well cash it's it's simple if you make money on a stock right and that's a capital gain it's a capital gain so they're gonna be there are pretty big capital gain listen I know a lot of people that bought it at like nuff nothing and sold it at 20 they knew once it hit that nineteen thousand five hundred eighty s in that area yes they just knew that was a top before some of the froth comes off this market they also knew there was a lot of fraud involved in it or it's a significant degree of fraud which is what we reported earlier in a week involving the SE C's crackling now I just think it's interesting that the perverse reaction happened based on our reporting the story that the Bitcoin went up in value because investors said oh god it's gonna be great that the SEC gets out some of the bad actors and as encrypt in terms of salt it got to pay the tax but yes but it turns of cryptocurrencies I mean there are others I guess right floating around Bitcoin seems to be the one people are gravitating to okay right charlie thank you okay what happened we'll see what happens I'm not saying it's going to happen please don't don't quote me saying that I'm just telling you what the street is speculating what they're saying in Washington not saying it's confirmed far from it

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