Breaking News ⭐ Umpire Pulls Live Moth Out of Ear During Yankees-White Sox Game (and It’s as Gruesom

 At Wednesday’s match-up between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox, things came to a brief halt at the bottom of the ninth inning, when second base umpire Bruce Dreckman had to step away to pull a live moth out of his ear canal  The medical emergency was caught by MLB’s cameras during the game’s broadcast, and left baseball fans gasping  Dreckman originally looked relaxed when he ran off the field, asking Yankees trainer Steve Donahue for assistance  At first, Donahue tried to extricate the bug with a long cotton swab to no avail  Eventually, Dreckman used a pair of tweezers to pull the moth out, its wings still flapping  “That’s some freaky stuff,” one of the announcers said  The game, meanwhile, continued without Dreckman during the bug extrication — the Yankees and White Sox playing with only three umpires on the field  Distraction aside, the Yankees — who were leading the game 7-3 — maintained their lead, eventually triumphing over the White Sox

Source: Youtube