BREAKING: Maxine Waters’ Career May Be Finished New Scandal Revealed(VIDEO)!!!

BREAKING: Maxine Waters’ Career May Be Finished New Scandal Revealed maxine waters a very low i q– individual never seen you ever seen any ever seen we will impeach him we will impeach the prep but he hasn't done anything wrong it doesn't matter we will impeach him she's a low IQ individual you can't help it they say Maxine please don't say any more California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is certainly no stranger to controversy in scandal in fact she was in it water strikes me as someone who believes she is above the law and can get away with whatever she wants it's one of the reasons she is seen as one of the most corrupt politicians in Congress a new complaint has been filed against waters and it and the new unfolding scandal surrounding the complaint has the potential to finish off her career the complaint involves an obscure fundraising tactic that has raked in thousands of dollars from state politicians in exchange for being listed on her slate mailers this go-around it involves supporters of a former Los Angeles Mayor defeated in the June gubernatorial primary a conservative watchdog group named the national legal and policy Center as the one who filed the complaint with the Federal Election Commission against waters her campaign and approach are to school group called families and teachers for Antonio Villaraigosa which back to former Democratic mayor of Los Angeles this is very serious and could in the end not only end waters career it could also entail jail time she has the best attorneys money can buy and it looks like she may need them Fox News reports the pro Villaraigosa group paid $25,000 to the citizens for waters committee on May 25th to include Villar a guesser in her slate mela according to the complaint feck guidelines however say only a candidate's committee can pay for the mailers sample ballots traditionally mailed out to about 200,000 voters in Los Angeles highlighting whom water supports waters mailers have faced scrutiny since 2010 because the campaign since 2004 has paid her daughter Karen waters or her public relations firm progressive connections to produce print and mail the sample ballots legally candidates are paying a reimbursement for the slate mailer rather than buying an endorsement but it's difficult to prove whether the water's endorsement comes as a result of the payment or if already endorsed candidates are paying for their share ad avenatti a former feck assistant general counsel recently told Fox News while explaining the peculiar process the mailers also effectively provide a loophole to get around federal campaign contribution limits the watchdog groups fed complaint ii against water since july is asking for a full audit of the congresswoman's campaign since the commission has given federal campaigns broad discretion involving slate mail as it is imperative the issues cited in this complaint are fully investigated and old penalties and fines that may result from a finding that the Citizens for waters campaign was in violation of the statute cited should be applied in for the complaint filed Thursday morning says neither water's congressional office nor her campaign responded to phone and m/l inquiries for this report this has nothing to do with waters vicious attacks on president Trump this scandal has been brewing for her for years it was just a matter of time before the law started knocking on her proverbial door however it won't slow her down from calling for Trump's impeachment Villaraigosa ran as a moderate Democrat in the gubernatorial jungle primary this means that the two candidates that get the most votes will face off in the general election regardless of what party they belong to Democratic leftenant governor Gavin Newsom and Republican businessman John cocks won that primary so valiree gasser is out of the running a politician out of office is even more vulnerable to legal action as their misdeeds have a way of coming out much more easily charter school advocates formed a group that spent millions of dollars on TV ads pushing for Villaraigosa former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg a billionaire and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings were among those who bankrolled families and teachers for Antonio Villaraigosa all yuba leftists this liberal Lyoness who is for teacher unions and public education didn't mind taking money from charter school advocates Tom Anderson the director of the government integrity project at the national legal and policy Center told Fox News this is clearly not only enriching max and waters and her family but what better way for tech billionaires and Michael Bloomberg to push against the teacher unions as soon as the primary was over Musa maligned himself with waters museum's campaign paid twenty seven thousand dollars to the waters campaign On June 5th primary day to be featured on her slate mailers because it came from the candidates committee that payment was supposedly legal waters will face Republican amin aveiro a small business owner in the election more from fox news federal law technically limits individual campaign contributions to $2,700 to a candidate's committee and $5,000 to a political action committee but the mailers are treated differently a 2004 feck advisory opinion signed by Democratic Fed commissioner red and winter orb said guidelines for how those mailers can be funded a 2004 feck advisory opinion described the pamphlets as follows the brochure will feature a prominent picture or likeness of representative waters on the front page it will be promoted as representative waters official sample ballot and will contain brief quotes which convey her opinions and endorsements of the federal and non-federal candidates listed the feck opinion state that the payments from other candidates would not constitute support of or in kind contributions to any federal candidate appearing in the brochure so long as the authorized Committee of that federal candidate reimburses the water's committee the watchdog groups fact complained stressed the parameters of the 2004 decision in the advisory opinion the Commission clearly states that payments made to the citizens of Waters campaign by candidates is a reimbursement to the waters campaign for costs related to the slate mail of the campaign creates for elections the complaint continues these reimbursements allow candidates to exceed campaign finance contribution limits since this money did not come from the candidate Antonio Villaraigosa or any campaign or agent of mr Villar a guess of this payment cannot be considered a reimbursement by the candidate candidate campaign or agent of the candidate to the citizens for waters campaign committee one can only hope that Navarro wins that race against waters and I think he stands a good chance of doing just that waters is about to be embroiled in a legal mess that will force her to fight for her little life that's a tall order for a 79 year old radical a watchdog group files to complaints of a Maxine Waters fundraising activities come on in Peter Flaherty chair of the National legal and policy Center could you explain exactly what you allege she did wrong good morning Stuart certainly we filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that Maxine Waters in her campaign committee violated the federal election campaign Act by accepting a $35,000 payment for her so-called slate mailer from the campaign of then candidate Kamala Harris in 2006 now hold on a second hold on a second I got to stop you there a slate mailer now was this something that Maxine Waters created a slate mailer what is it yes she puts out these slate may of mailers there outside of California she is the only member of Congress who uses this device and she gets away with it because she sought and received an advisory opinion from the FEC back in 2004 and sort of carved out a loophole but we believe that she's exploited it and in this case done so illegally these slight mailers have been controversial for years they've been criticized by both the right and left what is it it's sort of like yeah good question it's kind of like a sample ballot it's similar to what you get from political parties when you walk into the polling place she mails them out before the election it has her picture on it it's basically a slate of her personal endorsements but what's interesting about it is that she charges other candidates to be on it and because of this loophole that the FEC allows they're able to make payments to her in excess of campaign contributions under the federal election campaign so the bottom line is she creates a list of candidates which she apparently endorses sends that list around as a mailer and charges the people on the list money for putting them on the list and she got what $35,000 from Kamala Harris senator Harris that is correct but it did not come from Harris's campaign which would have been illegal it instead came from the Democratic State Central Committee of California and that's where we have the violation now we believe where there's smoke there's fire and in addition to asking the Commission to act on this violation we've asked for an audit of Maxine Waters campaign committee okay so it sounds like it's not glaringly illegal its technical illegal this no this is this is illegal it's straightforward these mailers have been controversial for years but this is the first time that there's been an allegation of illegality and we're working on a another complaint which will be a more far-reaching result of the scrutiny where we're giving her campaign filings now give me a hint about that most far-reaching complaint was that mean well the way it's set up now is that she takes in all this money but it's unclear whether the money's actually spent proportionally and properly on the mailings it appears that her daughter Karen waters is the primary beneficiary of this operation she's received over $750,000 over the years for coordinating these things and it's unclear how much work is actually entailed it does appear to be Karen Waters primary source of income okay that is a more significant item I would say Peter thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it good stuff well thank you thank you god bless you and God bless america

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