BREAKING CIA Agent BUSTED In Bombshell Spy Plot Lock Him Up

BREAKING: CIA Agent BUSTED In Bombshell Spy Plot Lock Him Up One by one, we are slowly expunging the traitors and Obama agents out of our government

Kevin Mallory, 60, an army contractor, was caught giving classified documents to China He could receive the death penalty for this betrayal, under the federal Espionage Act (via Associated Press) Mallory is from Leesburg, Virginia, and can speak Chinese He is a veteran of the US Army, who then became a special agent at the State Department Specifically, he worked for the Diplomatic Security Service there, where his skill with language was an asset, and as the means of his ultimate betrayal of our country

He held a Top Secret security clearance He did this work from 1987 to 1990 Then he became a self-employed contractor, shuffling around from one government agency to another, and to defense contractors To commit his crime, Mallory traveled to Shanghai in April There, he met with two people from a Chinese think tank

When he returned he carried $16,500, which he did not disclose at the airport, and special technology to remain in touch with the Chinese operatives According to officials, the Chinese operatives were trying to encourage Mallory to find employment in our government again, so that he might gain access to more classified documents When the FBI spoke to Mallory roughly a month later, he only admitted to sending the Chinese two unclassified papers that he had authored However, upon further investigation, authorities recovered messages from Mallory’s computer that revealed he did, in fact, send classified material in addition to his own documents The messages further revealed that Mallory made this exchange for money

One message Mallory sent to the Chinese operatives said, “Your object is to gain information, and my object is to be paid” Mallory made an attempt to hide his behavior, blacking out the Top Secret designation from the pages so that it would take a careful examination to identify the document as such Thankfully, our federal agents caught onto Mallory quickly He may receive life in prison or the death penalty These severe consequences should frighten anyone who thinks they can betray our country for a quick pay day

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