BREAKING: Chaos at Gatwick airport as all flights suspended 'until 10pm'

 All arrivals and departures have been stopped since 5pm due to a reported systems outage in the air traffic control tower  The airport has confirmed an "issue" in the control tower is ongoing and that flights continue to be delayed or diverted  Some reports say flights could be grounded until at least 9pm or 10pm tonight, although the airport has not confirmed this  A Gatwick spokesman said: “Due to an air traffic control systems issue in Gatwick’s control tower, flights are currently suspended    "We are working with ANS, our air traffic control provider, to rectify this issue as quickly as possible ” Live data on FlightRadar24 shows flights are being diverted to other airports such as Luton and Stansted as the nightmare situation continues  It also shows no flights are moving on the ground at Gatwick with many passengers stuck on the tarmac as operations come to a halt  Dozens of passengers are taking to social media to report they have been told by pilots that the control tower's flight moniter has gone down    One wrote: "Legit just had the worst turbulence experience on the flight back from turkey to turn up at Gatwick and there be a system failure so we’re stuck on the runway until further notice " Another said: "Apparently the system that scans the planes is broken, that’s what our pilot said anyway " A third posted: "Slightly concerning to be sat on the @Gatwick_Airport tarmac and to be told they’ve lost ‘all information on all flights’ really shouldn’t have watched Die Hard 2 at the weekend" And a fourth said: "Wow, not what you expect to hear 'all flights in or out of @Gatwick_airport are suspended due to computer failure on the control tower' "    Other reports on social media claim all departures have been stopped until 10pm  One such report stated: "No chance of any planes landing until at least 10pm tonight according to the easyJet flight I just boarded  "Shame on Gatwick for a) not having a proper backup system and b) not communicating this more clearly " MORE TO FOLLOW

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