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Biden on Second Amendment: 'No amendment is absolute': 'The Five' react


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Have a look at this “Biden on Second Amendment: 'No amendment is absolute': 'The Five' react” video below:

Biden signed six executive orders for tighter gun control; ‘The Five’ weighs in. #FoxNews #TheFive

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  1. The National Basketball Association, the MSM and Major League Baseball have become political action committee's for Biden/Harris and the Democrat party. In addition, the following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, fund raised, and campaigned for the Biden, BLM and other far left activist organizations. Financial Boycott whenever possible the following Democrat party supporters…… NBA, WNBA, MLB, Home Depot, Modelo Beer, Verizon, State Farm Insurance, Progressive Insurance, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, Discovery Plus, TNT, TBS, TLC, PBS, OWN, Oxygen, Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Google, Sonic, Wendy's, US Bank, Coca-Cola products, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Microsoft, (And any companies advertising with the above.)

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  2. This is why he's doing all these Executive Orders and why Congress is steamroller all their pet socialists projects through. They KNOW we don't support this and they KNOW if they don't stack the deck they will never be in power again. Americans have had it with the politicians who abuse the office for power to boss us around and rob us blind!!

  3. No Amendment is Absolute and the Demorats want to get rid of them all. Speaking of the Constitution,,, "That antiquated document needs to meet a modern day shredder" Hillary Clinton

  4. He couldn’t take crack from his son but for some reason thinks he can take Americans guns. He probably ought to stick to sniffing things and falling upstairs.

  5. Funny which “mass shootings” they choose to talk about…..never mind the 100’s that happen every weekend in Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta,….etc.

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