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Biden considers infrastructure for next spending bill: Report


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Check out this “Biden considers infrastructure for next spending bill: Report” video below:

Fox News’ David Spunt reports on President Biden’s next spending bill.

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  1. Biden is keeping one promise he made when he ran for President. He said "The first thing I will do is get rid of the Trump Tax Cut" Well it was NOT the first thing he did, he pulled the licence for the pipeline. Included with this so called infrastructure bill is raising the Corporate Tax Rate to 28 percent that OBAMA had when he was POTUS. The Democrat Congress wants to TAX corporations GLOBAL Revenue in addition to what they make in the US. Watch how fast US companies close their HQ in the US and MOVE OUT. If The Democrat-Marxists believe they will get away with this, they are even more stupid than I thought. They cannot continue to SPEND SPEND SPEND without collapsing the US Economy. So the people that voted for Biden, are you happy now?

  2. Cuban policy….Howcome the Dems are so good with names like "For the People Act" and Biden says he's a "union man…" War stories….How about Biden the Keystone job crusher and investment repeller with tax hikes….. Thier words and policies go in opposite directions…..Dems will lose big in 2022!!! America does not want to be a developing country again….

  3. Had it been a Republican President laying out this same plan, you'd all be eating it with a side of cole slaw.

    Republicans complain about the National debt. GOD FORBID!!……
    But Covid and mask wearing? They don’t give 2 shits.
    So Money is more important than human life for Republicans.

  4. China is going to usurp power from the US if we don’t change. We have to remember we are competing with China. They have been investing in transportation infrastructure for the past 15 years all over China, extending loans to build Chinese trains in the African continent and throughout Asia. They know that these countries will never be able to pay them back, but are using this leverage to mobilize trading and mining routes as a modern “colonial power”, earning from the interest the loans accrue, and from cheap transport of natural resources and labor from their trans international network. The first thing the Nazis did in WW2 was build trains all over the country. When we bicker over budgets, we are losing the trade and power war with China. Google it

  5. This is way your ratings have tanked – TRUMP2024 (WITHOUT CHEATING)
    Lies Lies Lies – what a joke of a man – cheated to get in and acting like he can handle it – Don't forget the tell us only 8% is going to the CCP-Virus help and it will cost every American Tax paying couple 69,000.00 and every tax paying person 17,000.00 each – Real smart bozo real smart – don't worry patriots – 2022 and 2024 will tell the real story of who really won – and we will do this with out the Treasonous RINO's and Socialist DEMS cheating again.

  6. NWO..Brake the Bank..USA
    God takes care of Climate Change the earth has been reserved until the Lord distroys it all by fire you can't stop God! Read His Word You can stand on it because it never changes!

  7. The federal government needs to stop spending money on stupid things unless they want to have another Great Depression which we are on the way to having. What is happening to the US right now happened to Germany, Venezuela and other countries that spent money they didn’t have, which caused hyperinflation and caused there economies to crash. This is something we all should be worried about for us and our children in the future.

  8. Iran's alliance with powerful and glorious china is the best option to defeat the US political, military and economic doctrine against Iran and the resistance front.

  9. For the love of God it's about time! Fix the pot holes, install more solar panels and backup batteries on buildings, make it so our water supply isn't controlled by windows 95 and can be hacked and poisoned, make sure water pipes aren't bursting, don't let turbines freeze, safely dispose of waste water rather than dump it in our drinking water, more public transport thus reducing overall traffic and maintenance costs while also having it be cleaner and more efficient, etc, etc

    THIS is why you invest in infrastructure.

  10. The democrats are all over the fake news outlets today, claiming it was president Trump that started the crisis at our borders,,,these people the liberal's,,,are the worst people in our country, there is no SHAME in the land of the democrats,,

  11. I guess no one thinks fixing or building roads, highways, bridges help anyone out in this country. ..wait i forgot this is fox news, the true reporters <kekekeke>

  12. Yes spend away make that money printer go Brrrrr
    Need to drop the value of $15 to less than $7 if you want to keep that promise to the progressives

  13. Once again, FOX news or is it Fox Lies?
    Continuing to promote fear and unrest!
    I know that only the most gullible of fools believe the trash this network/show promotes!
    If BS was music then Fox would be Beethoven's ninth!!!

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