100.000 Grad: Künstliche Sonne soll Erde vor Sonnenstürmen schützen! feat. Breaking Lab

Scientists have an artificial sun created 100,000 degrees, she is hot and is in the UNITED STATES

What did you find out about that? And maybe they can make us dangerous Protecting solar storms? Scientists have created an artificial sun on our earth 100,000 degrees, she is hot and is in the UNITED STATES What did you find out about that? And maybe they can make us dangerous Protecting solar storms? Clixoom Science & Fiction today with Jacob from Breaking Lab, subscribed to Breaking Lab, only then you will not miss any of them there either cool videos;) Welcome! So today with Jacob from Breaking Lab Incidentally, there is currently a hammer there Video on the topic This is what a black hole looks like from the inside out These are even more exciting objects in space The link is in the video description and comes again at the end of the video Here we go! Be a Jacob! outlook Without the sun, no life

No wonder then that science Dwarf star gets to the bottom The sun is about 100x larger than the earth, about 150 million kilometers away from us and on the surface about 5500 degrees hot So not the easiest conditions to to explore the sun But that's exactly what scientists want University of Wisconsin-Madison now For that they have an incredibly complex Construct designed to perform operations around to understand the sun better

Specifically, it's about how the magnetic Field of the sun our entire solar system affected The sun has already been around 45 billion Years the center of our solar system and has made life possible for us She releases incredibly much energy Here's an example that explains pretty well, why we sun even on the earth like that good as an energy source, though they nearly 150 million Miles away from us: In one (!) Second the sun releases more energy than ALL Nuclear power plants of the earth in 750,000 years! "A closer look" At the scientific project of the university Wisconsin-Madison is about the magnetic Field of the sun and how this the solar system affected

Like the earth, so does the sun a magnetic field that is up to five times stronger as the earthly can be The magnetic processes create under other so-called sunspots and many more phenomena For a complete rotation the Sun around a month This rotation lets the magnetic field in shape a rotating spiral arise, round around the area of ​​the solar equator This resulting magnetic field polt all 11 years around, that will be "sunspot cycle" called

Working with the "big red ball" the scientists pump helium gas into it and convert it to plasma Because the sun is a huge star of plasma is that is an elementary step to the to imitate real sun as true to the original as possible Of course, there is also the magnetic field This is surprisingly easy simulating a magnet in the center of the installation Finally, let the scientists Electricity can and does run through the mini sun then watch, like plasma and magnetic field to influence each other

Ethan Peterson, the responsible scientist, But the installation also sets clear limits in which he says the following: "We can do that It is impossible to completely reconstruct the sun, that is impossible " But, and that's the main advantage the ball, with the device you could essential Understand physical processes better that happen around the sun In particular, it would be about how the solar wind arises Because there is total disagreement about that The solar wind consists of charged particles, that are so incredibly hot that they are from the gravity of the sun and fly away

with a speed of 400-800 km / h flies that then into space and yes, you can imagine that's pretty dangerous for the earth can be The sun loses approximately every second a million (!) tons of material, what but in comparison to the total mass is little And in our solar system there are planets, which are hit directly by it Mercury is an example He only has a weak magnetic field and no atmosphere, that's why Mercury is quite unprotected, is hit and is for this reason extremely hostile to life

That is why the magnetic field of the earth is for us A pretty cool thing, because it's flying Parts of space together with the atmosphere can ward off The way of these hot flying particles Direction Earth is also on the "big red ball" to be examined The researchers could even use the so-called Park copier mimicking the famous Solar astrophysicist Eugene Parker is named The Parker spiral is the naturally occurring one Spiral that forms the magnetic field of the sun And the sun is so strong that the Parker spiral touched the entire solar system

Peterson says, "Satellite measurements are correct pretty much with the Parker spiral model but only at a certain time, so that we will never be able to a simultaneous, large-format map of it how we can do it in the laboratory " The experimental measurements could now confirm the theory But there is still a lot we do not know, eg like solar winds of gravity escaped from the sun or as we get closer to it can predict How dangerous can such solar winds or in extreme cases solar storms for become us when they race back to earth? Most of the cloud is in the distance of about ten earth radii through the magnetic field distracted from the earth and around that from this field dominated area, the magnetosphere However, the magnetosphere can be under pressure deformed by a particularly strong solar storm become

The result is electrical currents that go up in the ionosphere about 100 kilometers above penetrate the earth's surface They are accompanied by polar lights, which due to the deformation of the magnetosphere are visible in our latitudes The fluctuations of these currents induce but also overvoltages in large areas electrical mains, which then too can lead to the failure of the network, such as eg On the 30th of October 2003 At that time fell due to the high magnetic Activity in Malmo, Sweden for 20 up to 50 minutes off the mains Power failures are not everything then threatens: Together with the gas clouds are at the Strongest solar storms also very energetic Particles expelled from the sun

They can penetrate Earth satellites and through its ionizing effect the electronics of the satellite paralyze In the ionosphere they increase the electrical Charge density, which then the radio wave propagation impaired So can GPS devices during a solar storm by the propagation delay of the GPS signals Display incorrect positions Above all, however, the high-energy endanger Particles the crew of the ISS, which then briefly exposed to a very high radiation dose are The load on the earth's surface is low, since most particles are in the earth's atmosphere to get stuck

But people who fly can be affected his Passengers in aircraft have in 10,000 meters Flight altitude about 80 percent of the atmosphere left undone and are during such Events already much more endangered So it's of a great social kind Interest, with the "big red ball" more to learn about such solar storms The UW Madison team also examined the so-called "Burps", meaning the "belching" of the sun's plasma that the NASA scientists use with "blobs in lava lamp ", just stop on a cosmic scale These burps of the sun are several hundreds Male as tall as the earth! These burps are indeed from satellites but no one knows why it is them and what they do in turn

With the Minisonne, the researchers could do a lot see similar burps and now pursue how they develop I think that's extremely exciting and I think research on the sun has just started only really started And there are always black holes too new ideas: That's what a black looks like Hole from the inside That's the current video from Breaking Lab Click, watch and definitely Subscribe to Breaking Lab Until then, stay tuned!

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