Young People and Mental Health | Taskeen

Our mind deals with our whole body If our mind isn't well, it will affect our health, our studies and behavior within the society If we are not mentally well, We won't be physically capable to take anything forward If mental health isn't well, We won't be able to do any work properly We won't be able to pay attention If we are not mentally healthy, then our physical health will deteriorate itself Our mind should be towards positivity and not negativity If brain is strong and healthy Then body will also be fit & fine and healthy They have to study, they have to go ahead and face the society It's important for youth because They are not mature enough to face the hurdles and obstacles in their path They need to have the ability to face these things Young people have to go ahead and become something in life Which is why mental health is important for them Without mental health, it becomes difficult for them to decide for their future They are not able to concentrate which results in failure They are the pillars of Pakistan They are the future of Pakistan That's why it is very necessary to have strong brain and healthy mind for them I sit alone and observe nature I think socializing is the best way I prefer talking to my friends and sharing my emotions with them I prefer to play football I take care of my sleep I sleep on time and wake up on time and try to keep my temper in control I take complete rest Early to bed, early to rise

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