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What are mental health problems?


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Watch this “What are mental health problems?” video below:

This animation explains what mental health problems are and how they can affect us.

Thanks to Mind supporter Chizzy Akudolu for the voice-over.

For more information on mental health problems, what may cause them, and the many different kinds of help, treatment and support that are available visit our website: more)


  1. The root cause of my suicide attempt was the lack of training careers advisers get.  I really hope they get better training in schools and colleges now.  If you have debts there is something called a debt relief order. They cannot chase your student loan if you go overseas.

  2. something I struggle with daily hourly monthly yearly affecting not just my mind but my body's health too with fatigue and chronic pain. I am grateful for past present and any future support I may need to get through each day

  3. Traumatizing events…. Plenty…. A cascading effect that they have. Mental health problems begets more mental health social physical economical problems. Here we can only listen to your lectures. Nothing else is being done here.

  4. An incredible charity and they all do such amazing work! Our mental health is so important so I hope everyone who watches this video receives that nudge/boost they need to either look after their wellbeing or contacts someone for support. Sending positivity to everyone!!

  5. Really nice video that normalises these emotionally experiences but doesn't dismiss or downplay them. Great voiceover with the right amount of empathy too. I'm hoping to also be able to do my bit about education on mental health on my channel Mental Health with Dr Elliott.

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