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Uzbekistan Drug Rutan Effective Against Coronavirus


Uzbekistan drug Rutan effective against coronavirus The Ministry of Innovation of Uzbekistan announced that a new drug initially manufactured in Uzbekistan to fight influenza has reportedly been effective at reducing the impact of SARS-CoV-2 The drug, named ‘Rutan,’ is mainly composed of compounds such as gossypol derived from Central Asian growing cotton, totum, plantain, and pomegranate According to reports cited by international business and financial news platform MENAFN, the drug was first manufactured in 2015 by the Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences Rutan was invented to help patients fight the flu, but Chinese scientists recently tried testing the drug against the novel coronavirus Researchers found that the drug resulted in “excellent” outcomes, with a 783% “reduction in the impact of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2” The China-Uzbekistan Medicine Technical Park produced the drug to fight the novel coronavirus The technical park has created over 300 jobs since it was established and now oversees the production of eight kinds of medicines, in liquid, capsule, and tablet form The very first case of coronavirus recorded in Uzbekistan was found on March 15; the government has since recorded over 4,000 confirmed cases and at least 19 deaths due to the disease In March, Uzbekistan news site Kun

UZ reported that the government was set to send humanitarian aid to Iran in light of the pandemic The aid included protective suits, sterile disposable medical gloves, special medical forms, medical gauze, medical masks, rubbing alcohol, and hygienic gel The last items on the list of humanitarian aid were Rutan tablets According to MENAFN, Uzbekistan sent Iran 11,000 packs of Rutan tablets to combat coronavirus, and the drug “successfully passed laboratory tests there” Gossypol, one of the compounds present in Rutan tablets, is also known as cottonseed oil extract or gosipol It is removed from the seeds of cotton plants and used in drugs for different conditions, such as cancer, endometriosis, and HIV/AIDS Studies have found that ingesting gossypol by mouth also worked as a form of male contraception, but more research has yet to be conducted to prove its efficacy for the aforementioned uses According to MedicineNet, high doses of the compound can cause side effects such as changes in hair color, malnutrition, and even heart failure

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