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    Trump & Pence Simultaneous Implosion on Coronavirus


    I think you might enjoy some of the clips I'm going to play for you here sort of in the way that I enjoy horrible things, which I actually don't So this is going to be pretty horrifying

    We talked yesterday at the end of the show about schools reopening or not And Donald Trump and Mike Pence's desire to see schools open for what are what are effectively political reasons Trump believes schools are being kept closed in order to hurt him politically Now, that's not true But the fact that he perceives it as political means that forcing them to reopen is also political

    In other words, if keeping them closed hurts him politically, opening them, he believes, helps him politically Donald Trump tweeted two days ago in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, schools are open with no problems The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if US schools open before the November election, but is important for the families and for the children and families may cut off of funding, if not open

    Now, Trump is saying we want to be like Europe We want to do what Europe is doing But the reason Sweden is not doing so well, but Germany, Denmark and Norway, the reason they're doing well is because they handled the virus completely differently If you want to be doing what Europe is doing with schools, then you should have handled corona virus the way those countries handled that from the beginning But that's not really the focus today

    What we know today is that cases are up Deaths are up Summer camps have around the country, in Arkansas, Missouri, other places have had to close because coronavirus outbreaks have spread among the children And yet Donald Trump and Mike Pence want schools open, period Trump and Pence on Wednesday at different events

    Both were asked about opening schools and they were asked really specific questions about what are the protocols, how do you ensure safety? And their mouths moved And a ton of stuff came out of their mouths, but they were completely unable or unwilling to articulate just exactly how you open schools safely So let's look at some of these videos Let's start with Mike Pence Pence was asked, what exactly is the plan to open schools safely? Pence spoke for about 90 seconds and he didn't answer the question

    I'm going to play the full answer for you because I want you to see that he says nothing about the question that was asked You're going to hear the question or actually begin to skip it So you're not going to hear the question We're gonna go right to Mike Pence's answer and notice how Pence doesn't state anything that would count as an answer to the question Well, the plan is to continue to do what we've done from the very beginning

    As you heard again this morning, we're we're, I believe, 39 million tests that have been performed all across this country You heard Admiral Geraud describe the extraordinary commitment in just one community alone And what we've conveyed to governors is whatever support they need to get kids back to school, we're going to make sure that they have to make sure that they have the testing resources We're currently educating states on the possibility and working with commercial labs The possibility was called pooling so that literally there could be one test run on, say, 10 samples

    And there are particular universities that already have built into their plans The idea of testing all of their students at the beginning of the academic year and then doing surveillance testing But we've made it very clear whether it's testing, whether it's personal protective equipment or other resources that we stand ready to provide those resources to the states And and we reiterated that once again to the governors But the good news is, because of the historic mobilization that President Trump initiated, we literally have hundreds of millions of supplies of personal protective equipment, 59000 ventilators in the strategic national stockpile

    Testing is scaling all across America And we know that come the school year, we'll be ready to meet those needs So let's analyze it and go through it up Penn says we're going to do what we've done from the beginning Well, you failed

    That has failed What you've done from the beginning is one of the worst Korona response coronavirus responses in the world Trump Pence says we've tested 39 million people over a five month period Great It's not an answer to how do you open schools safely

    Penn says we will give them the support they need They're not asking for support They're saying it's not safe for you to decide that they have to open And by the way, they failed to give states the support they needed on testing So why would we trust them now that they're going to give schools the support that they need? He says, we're looking at pool testing

    OK I mean, it's not really an answer to the question He says some universities will test their students OK He says we'll send schools PPE if they want it now and then

    He says Trump did a historic mobilization That's a meaning Claim it's untrue It was a historically bad mobilization, and then Pence also mentions we have ventilators There is not an answer there because they don't know how to open schools safely

    They don't care if schools open safely They want schools open in late August, early September, with the hope that the that it won't implode so quickly that they will get a political benefit going into the November election That's all they care about Now, CNN's Caitlin Collins had a good question for Pence If if you insist that these are decisions to be made locally by schools

    Why is Donald Trump pressuring them to open? And of course, Mike Pence is completely flummoxed by the question You're describing it as a local decision So should it be up to them to decide if they can safely reopen or not? The president saying he's going to pressure them to do so Well, I look, we're going to respect those unique communities that may have challenges of rising cases or rising positivity And but I think you look at the nation as a whole for the president of the United States has made clear as he thinks, as we reopen America, we need to reopen America's schools

    So I think you see where where that one is going If a community is unique, they get to decide Pence says, I guess otherwise Trump decides or something like that And then Pence also says, look at the nation as a whole We had another single day, new case record

    We had multiple single day new case records this week That's the nation as a whole In fact, if you want to make a case for safe reopening, you should say, let's not look at the nation as a whole, because places like Florida and Texas and Arizona and California and Oklahoma, where cases are spiking like crazy They shouldn't open Maybe you could make the case that in states that have really crushed the curve and even those states, I'm worried, are going to start seeing cases now as the numbers go nationally, go so high, maybe you make the case that you could take the states that are doing really well, maybe even the counties that are doing really well and look at reopening there

    But when Pence says, look at the nation as a whole, the nation as a whole is setting new records for cases And then Pence also says we also push to reopen churches as if that's some kind of justification for opening schools Opening churches was a disaster And in fact, many churches have been spreader events, spreading spreader locations, clusters And that's a very bad idea

    Now then it's Trump Trump just says we have to do it and everybody wants it Mike Pence pretends to give an answer, even though he doesn't Trump doesn't even pretend Trump just says we just have to do it

    Everybody wants to open So we want to reopen the schools Everybody wants it The moms wanted The dads wanted

    The kids want it It's time to do it You know, our mortality rate is right now at a level that people don't talk about, but it's down ten fold, ten fold So you look at deaths are way down from this horrible jhana virus And it's a disgrace that it happened

    Shouldn't have happened, but it did And the economy is coming back and it's coming back strongly Jobs are setting records For two months ago, they set the record and then again, almost five million new jobs last month, which is a record And it broke our last record of a month before

    So the numbers are happening much faster than anybody anticipated The stock market Nasdaq just hit another record today And the markets generally are just really a very small amount below where they were at the height of the market when we first had to do this about four and a half, five months ago Just meaningless meandering, free association, rambling of sorts, cites no evidence that everybody wants

    It says the mortality rate is low Remember, our death rate per capita is the ninth highest in the world Out of more than 200 countries and territories, he says, there are job records He talks about the Nasdaq or as he pronounces at the Nasdaq And so between Mike Pence and Donald Trump over the last 48 hours, a lot of bluster about we've got to open schools

    Everybody wants the schools open It's all going to be safe No explanation of how and why it's safe, how they know it's safe, how safety would be maintained What would I mean? Listen, another important question is, if these were serious people who had a plan for how to safely open, then I would move to the question of what data would say we have to reclose In other words, would it be a certain number of cases among students? What if a teacher gets a case? What if there's a parent at home with a case? Is it case growth rate or absolute numbers? What would be the metrics where you would say we're going to do it, but we're going to shut it down if X or Y? I mean, it just it's I'm acting like these are serious people and that's that that that's the problem

    Last thing I get the importance of opening schools A lot of parents can't work if the kids aren't in school This is huge economically It's gonna be worse economically if you open schools and the kids get the virus and the teachers get the virus and the parents get the vote, that will be much worse economically Tuesday, 8:00 p

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