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Tips For Staying Productive In Coronavirus Quarantine | #StayHome With Barbara Corcoran


Are you building a mental strategy and a strategy to share with people? What is your advice on the moving forward from here, for yourself and for everyone? Well I think, I think it's so important that you feel productive in whatever you're pursuing And so, for me, what I'm doing is I'm doing a little mental trick on myself

I divide my day into three chunks, chunks, just like I think of them as pieces, you know? So I start my day just exercising, more for my head than my body, 15 minutes I'm kinda a little bit lazy on that And then I clean my house And by ten o'clock I'm almost, like, at the office at my kitchen counter, but I think of it as my office, and I'm there 'til three o'clock I'm lucky that I have a 14-year-old who doesn't get in the way of my day there, really

And then at three o'clock I'm back with my family You know, I'm making the dinner I can't figure out another thing to make, honest to god, but making a few of your recipes Thank you My god, they don't turn out as good as when you make 'em I think, but I'm just so tired of the whole thing

But the control of my time I find mentally keeps me in a good place and makes me feel productive I think the one treasure I feel like everybody has right now is they have time at home And with the time at home, if you're unhappy with the person you were before the pandemic hit, you've got all the time in the world right now to become somebody different Not by willing it away, but by, let's say you're a decent artist You could become a graphic designer, take free courses on Zoom, and become somebody who you always wanted to be

You can retool yourself for a different tomorrow and make your life even better Get to where you always kind of wanted to go What's your excuse now? It's all for free, it's all online You got the time at home If you make the goals setting for yourself


So I totally changed my skill set in areas that I always felt weak, I've really polished up, because I think there's gonna be a war out there of competition in the workplace and I wanna compete I mean, I'm so insecure, that's basically what it is about That I wanna be able to be better equipped and I think everybody's got that opportunity right now I got a great piece of advice a few weeks ago online that I'd love to share It said, "Prop up your phone against a milk carton "in your refrigerator

"The light in your refrigerator is the equivalent "of a 'Hollywood diva light,' you'll look phenomenal" And it's true And then after about 20 seconds my refrigerator beeper goes off because I have the door open And then I use that as an excuse to end the call because let me tell you, you pretty much say what you're gonna say in 20 seconds, in my book, okay? I just used to get on and just get off the FaceTime So it works both ways, but I look great in my refrigerator, let me tell you, and you will too

I appreciate you so much, dear friend, thank you for making time for us 888-Barbara is how you get in touch with Business Unusual Our dear friend, Barbara Thank you Barbara, love you Thank you so much, Rachael

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