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State of Gratitude: A Tribute to the Healthcare Heroes Saving New York


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Have a look at this “State of Gratitude: A Tribute to the Healthcare Heroes Saving New York” video below:

Starting in the spring of 2020, every evening at 7:00PM, New Yorkers clapped, cheered and banged pots and pans in support of the healthcare workers fighting to save lives. This holiday season, in tribute to their bravery and resilience, we brought together the #OrchestraoftheBronx, @EveryVoiceChoirs, Brooklyn United Music & Arts Program (@bkunitedmb), and New Yorkers to show our gratitude to…..(read more)


  1. I have saved this , it shows a gratitude that is well deserved
    My daughter is a long haul nurse who gives so much of herself and works at Montifiore She had contacted The first series of bouts last April and pulled through taking care of herself as safely as she can do This ugly virus left is mark on her system which she supervises quite well She is almost back to her before COV-19 self just needs to monitor her rest and sleep and dors a great job with her situation and taking care of her twin teens and me when I might need her How many wonderful nurses female or male needed this ad to cheer them up ?
    One if the best I have seen I have over decades , up there with the infamous Pepsi world singing from the 80’s or so

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