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So…what IS Public Health?


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Watch this “So…what IS Public Health?” video below:

Tufts Master of Public Health graduation ceremony – 2007. Stephanie Reinhardt’s commencement address..(read more)


  1. After finishing eight years in public health, after five years watching this video, I can now easily explain what public health is from my point of view. However it seems that I can't satisfy dear speaker with my restricted definition.

  2. I am a current student pursuing the same and I feel thrilled and happy to be in the field. I believe many opportunities exists and more importantly changing people lives Will be our greatest achievement in the field

  3. Later this week I am planning on changing my major to Public Health and hearing her speech has confirmed even more that I'm making the right decision.

  4. I watched this video when I first embarked on my journey in Public Health and it has been a great inspiration. It still make me laugh every time I watch it, about how true. I sure struggle explaining what I do (or want to do) on a first or tenth date even 🙂
    As someone determined to dedicate my life to PH , it is both extremely inspiring and intimidating to think about all the potential it has to make a positive change in this crazy world!

  5. Despite I am professor in one of the low income countries, we are indeed facing such questions raised by not only people far from the medical background but from some of our colleges those even were together in medical school. It was good encouragement for all graduates from Public health and Epidemiology which is usually mis-classified as Dermatology (clinical oriented people)

  6. she is confident and raise up strong evidence data, may be after seen the video there are a lot of people will have strong knowledge on public health. thank for your introduction

  7. She didn't have social life ?? I don't believe .. She is rare type of female .. Smart and beautiful .. She not having social life is impossible unless she studied in female only school 🙂

  8. This was an incredible speech that was short and to the point. Congrats to her! 🙂 I couldn't have fallen upon this video at a better time in my life. I have decided to go through the Public Health route before medical school after a thought-provoking course I took last semester. Her six comments are soooo true…and I love the Seuss quotes 🙂

  9. 4:50 "We're in public health because we refuse to accept the world as it is now".

    I am a currently an undergrad student, my major being psychology and minor being *Public Health. I have my first test in about an hour. I came upon your video and I wanted to say your speech was great and congratulations on your accomplishment.

  10. THis one great , Public Health demand is increasing day by day ~ M also student of public health and i have also same problem of answering abt what a public health is it ?? But this video give me an answer to tell some thing abt PUBLIC HEALTH

  11. I'm looking into Public Health now and this speech has summed it up for me! I loved every bit of it. I hope all is well for Stephanie. I would love to get in contact with her.

  12. "The last day you have to explain what you are studying in grad' school." Oh so true. Though I never imagined it is so 'unknown' in other countries…

  13. whats really actually funny in this video outside all of the jokes in her speech…is the fact that shes explaining public health and someone keeps coughing loudly in the audience! LMAooo

  14. OMG just what I needed! Really sometimes I dont even like to say what Im going to school for just bc I don't want to explain what PH is. Thanks Steph!

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