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SNN: HIV prevention drug available for free at Florida Health Departments


There's a new effort to prevent the spread of H-IV in Florida The state health department is offering a prevention drug at no cost

SNN's Nadine Young has the details A STARTLING NUMBER "Right now nationwide there are 44,000 cases a year of HIV FLORIDA'S HEALTH DEPARTMENT IMPLEMENT'S A NEW INITIATIVE TO STOP THE SPREAD OF THE HIV VIRUS TRUVADA OR PREP IS A DAILY MEDICINE THAT PREVENTS PEOPLE WITHOUT HIV FROM ACQUIRING THE VIRUS "Trauvada right now or Prep has become the new craze so to speak," OFFERING PREP FOR FREE AT HEALTH DEPARTMENTS IN ALL 67 COUNTIES BY THE END OF 2018 "What that means for people that are dating, they now don't have to worry about HIV, this PREP has removed that risk off the table and now that's a game changer," THERE ARE PROTOCOLS THE MANATEE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT SAYS MUST BE FOLLOWED

"Labs and follow ups and making sure they are complying with taking the medication itself, we have a three month follow up, THE DRUG IS OFFERED AT LOCAL CLINICS BUT PEREZ BELIEVES PROVIDING IT AT HEALTH DEARTMENTS CAN HELP MORE PEOPLE "People come here already for other services that we provide so they can come here and educate themselves and know more about that specific drug AIMING TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF HIV CASES , "So this one pill a day you are taking responsibility for your sexual health and you are protecting yourself along with condom usage," REPORTING IN SARASOTA, NADINE YOUNG, SNN THE SUNCOAST NEWS NETWORK

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