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Secretary Of Health Azar Says Pfizer Submitting Covid Vaccine For Emergency FDA Approval Friday


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Have a look at this “Secretary Of Health Azar Says Pfizer Submitting Covid Vaccine For Emergency FDA Approval Friday” video below:

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced during a White House coronavirus task force briefing that Pfizer would be submitting its Covid-19 vaccine for emergency approval as soon as Friday and distribution and injection will begin hours after federal regulators authorize it.
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  1. You can't even come up with a vaccine for the common cold after decades of research. What makes you feel the covid-19 vaccine is going to be 1: safe with no side effects, and 2: effective in combating the disease? instead, I think you're growing mushrooms; you're keeping us in the dark and feeding us b— sh–.

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  4. The COVID-19 vaccine and its technology, should be included in the U.S. national security control list. I don't want to save the enemy, and then their finger can presses the button of nuclear missiles to Guam, Hawaii and New York or any FREE cities

    新冠疫苗及技术,应该列入国家战略管制清单,我不想拯救敌人,然后他们的手指,可以按下飞往关岛、夏威夷、纽约 or 其它"自由"都市 的核导弹按钮。

  5. At least china virus vaccine was not discovered in china , they would have made a fortune, what a crazy world we live in . china deliberately unleashing the virus for greed purposes

  6. This emergency approval in November for Pfizer vaccine is in my opinion a BIG DEAL. It let's Pfizer/US government/State governments start building the DELIVERY infrastructure at the state/hospital/clinic level and immediately provides protection for the ELDERLY in assisted iiving/nursing homes. Covid protection for hospital staff and the ELDERLY in November. And allow the building of the vaccine delivery infrastructure IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!

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