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¿Se ocultan los muertos por coronavirus en Rusia? Grandes medios dicen que sí. ¿Qué hay de cierto?


Baffling! Suspect! Inexplicable! Compared to other countries in the world, Russia has a much lower coronavirus case fatality How to explain? Well nothing more and nothing less than

as always! Last week, the Bloomberg agency published a note on the situation with covid-19 in Russia, entitled 'Experts want to know why the coronavirus has not killed more Russians ' Leaving aside the articles Freud would have written about unrepresented wishes after reading that headline, the article appeared along with other texts of big media in the same line The New York Times released a focused investigation in the official data that in April 2020 in Moscow there were 1,700 more deaths than in April last year and only a third of them were registered as deaths from the coronavirus

The rest, according to the newspaper, are attributable to covid-19 as well, but they are not included in the official statistics and, therefore, the conclusion is that throughout the country (not only Moscow, beware, as we are, let's say "throughout the country) the total number of deaths is three times greater than declared And straight to the press! In a matter of days, in large international media it was already emphatically stated that Russia hides 60% of the deaths that occur in the country, leaving explanations aside that were considered relevant elsewhere Is lethality low in a country that I like? Excellent management! Transparent government! Scientific measures! Low lethality in a country that I dislike? Irresponsible management! Regimen that hides! Insufficient measurements! But letting go of the malicious approach of articles that point to "something dark is cooked in the statistics that Russia presents ", What is true or false in what they say? Let's start with the star test of the New York Times, the differential in deaths in April between 2019 and 2020 So at first glance, it seems like a big deal, but let's compare it with the one between 2017 and 2018, which was similar, considering that today Moscow has more population Or this other close example: between 2018 and 2019, the population increased, but the number of deaths was 800 fewer people

I mean, jumps of hundreds and up to more than 1,000 deaths per year are part of statistical normality of a city with more than 12 million inhabitants If we compare with other big cities, the magnitude of this 'great Moscow concealment' is even more exposed: the monthly average excess death toll in New York has been 12,000 and, the one in London, of 7,000: six and three times more than the Russian capital I mean, even if we consider the number offered by the New York Times as a valid argument, the case fatality rate in Moscow it remains comparatively very low But then, how do you explain this level of lethality in Russia, much lower than that of Spain, Italy or the United Kingdom despite exceeding these countries in number of infected? Vodka stuff or intense sauna sessions, as advised by our picturesque neighbor, Alexánder Lukashenko? Obviously not Russia was one of the first countries in taking strict preventive measures

It closed borders with China in late January, a few days after Beijing decreed quarantine in Wuhan and long before the WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic And what were the governments of countries doing at that time who today are 'amazed' and 'suspicious' about the Russian numbers? Well some said they had everything under control, others opined against border closures and there were even those who boasted of going out there shaking hands, despite the risk In early March, the health authorities established a mandatory home quarantine two weeks for people coming from certain countries to Moscow and, despite the criticism it received at the time, ended up proving itself as a more than sensible measure Logically, all this did not prevent the entry of the virus (looking around, is that possible?), but it did save time and prepare the ground for his inevitable arrival in the only country with a border with the first three world foci: China, the EU and Iran (indirectly, through the Caspian Sea) The health system was strengthened, specialized hospitals were built and the restrictive measures were gradually adopted, not when the catastrophe had already begun


There are also other factors that explain low lethality in Russia, compared to other countries Russia is a sparsely populated country in terms of size and, as we know, the high population density is a fundamental factor in the spread of the coronavirus Unlike in the most affected European countries, like France, Italy, UK or Spain, nursing homes are not part of the Russian reality, where they are much scarcer Those kinds of centers worked involuntarily as a trigger for deaths in Western Europe Nor can the tourism factor be neglected

The five European countries most affected by the pandemic they are, nothing coincidentally, the five countries that receive more tourists a year in Europe Unlike cities like Milan, Barcelona, ​​Paris or London, that receive tourists throughout the year, tourism in Russia is much more concentrated in the temperate season, far from the start of this outbreak Another point to keep in mind is that, although it has been on the increase for almost 15 years, the life expectancy of men in Russia does not reach 70 years and it is one of the lowest in Europe And since the disease is more deadly in men than in women and in the elderly than in the young is another factor that, without speaking particularly well of Russia, could explain those numbers without resorting to conspiracies or makeup But the fundamental factor of low lethality is in the number of tests carried out which, in this case, doubles those made by Spain, Italy and even Germany, which has been taken as exemplary in this regard

For weeks, Russia has been carrying out around 200,000 tests daily And if you have any intention of concealment about the extent of the pandemic, The worst thing you can do is launch millions of tests because obviously so the official number of infected increases There's no point in looking to expose yourself as the second most infected country in the world doing tests at face value and, at the same time, hide the number of deceased Eooo! Look, I have thousands of new infected daily! And now that I've managed to get your attention, I'm going to start hiding the dead! Like everyone else, Russia has struggled when it comes to obtaining 100% accuracy in the figures or contain the pandemic perfectly The hospital network is not the same throughout the territory, not all tests have gotten everywhere on time and compliance with containment measures has been uneven

For example, you can imagine respect for self-isolation in Dagestan, a region in southern Russia where to wear your seat belt It can be considered a sign of lack of manhood An area where, to make matters worse, the proportionally highest number is concentrated of long-lived people in the country There, local authorities estimate that the number of deaths from covid-19 could be 30% higher from which they have been able to measure So Russia has no magic formula to stop the pandemic Like everyone else, he has had mistakes and successes

Also, like everyone else, they have weeks left of infections and deaths, of trial and error measures, of corrections on the fly and uncertainty Bloomberg's can rest easy, that Russians will continue to die, unfortunately What seems to never die is that mentality of some big media and governments, incapable of conceiving which nations they consider inferior they may be in a better position than yours under no circumstances or time And this is how the Russian reality and that of other 'chosen' countries it is always addressed with the conclusion ready beforehand

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