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Score and Health Bar Game Maker Tutorial


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Watch this “Score and Health Bar Game Maker Tutorial” video below:

A short game maker tutorial on how to add score and a health system to your game…(read more)


  1. Okay, so how do I make it so that when I attack and damage an enemy, I make his health bar appear above his head? basically this but for all enemies. I used creation event for setting the health to 5, then each hit sets it relative to -1, and draws the health, but no bar is visible. I set the coords to positive values and I still can't see it, despite the dimensions being more than twice the image width

  2. In my sonic game once sonic dies his life's go to -3! i checked relative and that's where the problem happens it takes the life's by -4 even thought i only typed -1!

  3. Hey i have a little bigger level, so the health and score will show OUT of the vision range. Is there a way to get the health to follow me like the camera does?

  4. i have a gif animation of my enemy spaceships explodeing but when i kill a enemy and they explode the gif keeps replaying, how do i make so it only plays once?

  5. Hello, I am new in game maker and since it is possible to do a bar of xp, a bar of health and that increases according to the level, as a game rpg. Thank you

  6. Hey is there a way in code of displaying text for only a short period of time?
    For example; i want to hit enemies and i want the amount of health they lost to be showed briefly above there heads for about 1 seconds and then deleting itself or just becoming non visible? PLEASE HELP

  7. any one umm… if you download Gamemaker installer not studio especially free it has to many limits on studio 🙁 so only get studio if you are just testing or pre-pretesting

  8. the shooting function doesn't work with this, it crashes because of

    ERROR in
    action number 7
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_controller:
    Error in expression:obj_player.ammo
     position 12: Unknown variable ammo

  9. i was using gm8 and i tried the health bar thing and it worked just fine but know that im using to game maker studio when my health bar reaches 0 for some reason it doesn't destroy the instance it executes the restart game event in my death object

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