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Queen Elizabeth Likely To Abdicate Throne For Poor Health; Princess Charlotte Could Be Next Queen


Queen elizabeth likely to advocate throne for poor health Princess charlotte could be next queen reports are swirling that queen elizabeth is likely to abdicate the throne because of her poor health Because of this plan there is also a rumor that princess charlotte is actually considered as a queen's heir Lately, there were rumors that circulated as percell abdur tea laundry that the queen might already retire because of her poor health her absence during the royal family's church service was Also noticeable last christmas because of severe colds Because of this the queen is actually preparing the royal family for her successor According to reports the queen is considering her grandson prince william but there's a catch William and kate middleton have been called work allergic Because of their performance when it comes to attending to their royal obligations However queen elizabeth handed down 25 national charities to the duke and duchess of cambridge, which, means that they have to double work this year because of the added responsibilities Meanwhile prince charles who is the next heir to the throne stepped up during the queen's absence He led the royal family in the church service during christmas but reports her swirling Like the queen doesn't want her son to succeed her as per international Business times queen elizabeth is the last queen to have ruled the british monarchy for a long time if Prince william will be made a king his son prince george will be his heir but if something happens Princess charlotte can be named queen when the right time comes So after queen Elizabeth princess charlotte is the next woman as ruler of the monarchy the queen fuels speculations of abdicating the throne When reports escalated that she delegated some of her national charities to the members of the royal family and this was followed by her getting sick if Queen elizabeth, would really retire and abdicate the throne then, people will be thrilled to welcome a new ruler of the bridge

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