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Prescribing Nature for Health | Nooshin Razani | TEDxNashville


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Check out this “Prescribing Nature for Health | Nooshin Razani | TEDxNashville” video below:

Dr. Nooshin Razani talks about the healing power of nature as well as why it is her mission to prescribe time in nature as a way to treat health conditions. Watch Dr. Nooshin Razani’s talk to learn how and why nature can be an essential part of healthy living.

Dr. Nooshin Razani has devoted her career to preserving natural spaces and improving human health through nature. She studied…..(read more)


  1. i take my son out. and he is so bored. just sits on the truck tail gate or inside the truck waiting to go home:( 
    i love nature and don't know how to help him engage. i think he needs a friend to go out with?

  2. "Don't take a picture." I like that. To me that means experience the experience rather than needing to post it on Facebook to show others what we are experiencing. 

    I thought of this last week. good to post things, but sometimes it can take away form being present with whatever it is that we are experiencing.

  3. This was superb. I practically lived in the woods as a child. At 39 years old I find myself more and more craving to be out in the trees. I hold near to my heart the image of that ‘special place’ that as a 10 year old I went to to be alone and to be in awe. It was a small creek that was filled with small boulders, each one covered with thick, beautiful green moss. I remember it vividly to this day, can hear the trickle of the water and smell the total green-ness around me. To this day I find comfort, solace and plenty of awe every time I visit the woods and try to get there at least a few times a week. Thank you for a great Ted talk! The work you are doing is important.

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