Patch Adams Presents – Occupational Health

Occupational Health Well, what a fun category

I have not thought of it much, except to say When I think of occupational health: "do you like your job?" I mean, how unhealthy can it be if every day you go to your job, and you don't like your job So, that's one thing

That, if you have a job, and if you go to it, decide to like it, and be thankful you have a job And even if it sucks, accept the fact that you've accepted the job and enjoy it Occupational health can include medical hazards If you're dealing with toxic materials, I'd recommend leaving that job If you feel economically you cannot leave the job, then make sure you are wearing the right mask, and gloves, and costumes that they require

Always thinking: "Oh I'd like a less toxic job," There are the same kinds of troubles in occupations, that you have in real life with hierarchy It's not– I find it difficult when the salaries of the top and the bottom are so far apart, especially if there's not much in between

And that can affect one's health I think sexism, and racism, are a huge problem in a lot of jobs And, again, unfortunately, many jobs, in the United States anyway, are such that, you need a job and so you take any job And that job can have jerks, racist, sexist there, and you have to decide My doctor-side would say, if it's hurting you, go find another job Make enough friends so you can have a place to stay if you've got nothing So, that you can find a job that doesn't hurt you You do not want it to hurt you

And, there are jobs where you are asked to hurt others: police work is that, military work is that And these are kinds of jobs you have to — again — decide is this something I can do So notice your job can affect your health And when you know that it does, if you decide to keep the job, be conscious that you decided, and go after work you love

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