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  1. Hi Sadia, I really love all your videos, Im just a bit confused about one thing – many nutrition specialist dont recomend eating frutis with nuts (or seeds) or fruits with vegetables in one meal, and you do that a lot. Its not right because of their different enzymes or something like that. I would be very interested, what you think about that. Thanks a lot.

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  3. That chocolate almond butter one sounds so good! Can you use greek yogurt if you’re not vegan? I’m starting work soon so I’m looking for some healthy filling overnight oats recipes. Unfortumately many of the recipes I’ve tried weren’t that filling.

  4. does anyone know how long these jars would last in the fridge? i think it'd be really cool to be able to make a few in advance so theyre ready to eat but i wouldnt want to make too many incase they went bad quickly. thanks !

  5. Fancy videos however the nut butters/chia seeds make these extremely high in calories and there is no sweetness in these at all, you can use low calorie sweetners at least or omit the nut butter and use a real source of sweetness. Oats just like the couscous can be high in resistant starch causing extreme gas in some people (especially the couscous should be cooked)

  6. This is very hard to watch. Being vegan is great if you don't mind being weak, looking emaciated and fighting constant chronic illnesses. Hope she does a little research (real science not just vegan cult websites) and realizes what she is doing to herself before all her hair starts falling out and she develops cancer or some autoimmune disease like every other vegan i have known my whole life.

    I knew 2 separate people personally who were vegan who both died of pneumonia in their 50's which came secondary to a flu virus (one was my aunt). What a stupid way to go, completely avoidable, and somehow they think they are so healthy and act all cheery. So weird.

    I've noticed if you eat like that long enough your body attempts to adapt and the differences when you do eat meat stand out more and you are biased to them being negative just because its a change and you don't give it enough of a chance to get yourself back to normal before you go back. Its a crazy set of delusions all working in unison

  7. Damn, people are living in such beautiful homes and eating such unfamiliar for me food, it almost feels like they're on a different planet. Great camera work too with all the rolling and closeup shots. Very pleasant to watch

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