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In today's video, I'm going to talk about the gap between the law and what you want to accomplish as a healthcare startup or a health and wellness practice or a healthcare company I'm Michael H

Cohen, president and founding attorney of Cohen Healthcare Law Group, and I'm standing here in Encinitas You can obviously see the beautiful skyline of the ocean In the background here, you can see the Hermitage where Yogananda wrote his famous book, Autobiography of a Yogi You might be a yogi, you might be of some other spiritual religious persuasion At any rate, this is a book that has profoundly influenced many people

Here come some folks coming by; but that's okay, I'll just keep talking So why do some surfers touch some waves and not others? You know that's a question I asked myself Our law firm is going through a lot of growth Went through an up year, then we went through kind of a plateau year, and now we're poised again I just saw a surfer catch one wave, and someone else didn't catch it, so we want to catch those waves

It seems like the law is somewhat adverse to innovation in healthcare and to a lot of healing I mean, honestly, that's why I became a healthcare lawyer, because I was very, very profoundly touched by healing pathways in my life I actually went to an interfaith seminary and studied a bunch of different spiritual traditions I am from this planet despite the dark sunglasses That's why I wanted to study, like why I did law

Essentially focus so much on technology and specifically technological medicine, not just the tech, yeah, that's helping us so much, but to the exclusion of mind, body, spirit, unification That, of course, brought me back full circle to the full spectrum of health and healing We do everything from robotic AI infused medical diagnostics and therapeutics, to very subtle body, holistic healthcare types of systems We have clients now dealing with homeopathy, and it's a subtle energy system The FTC says there's no evidence, and so we deal with FTC as well as FDA issues

There still is this gap I mean, there's this gap between what you want to accomplish and what you maybe are frustrated accomplishing; because whether you have a medical spa or a telemedicine company, digital health or you're dealing with some arcane Medicare regulation or how to do a concierge medicine or functional medicine practice, it seems like the rules could be very tight Some clients are very appreciative and gracious Big sky moment there Some clients, they're very upset at the way that the rules are configured and understand it's just like Autobiography of a Yogi

There it is again, that Hermitage We're helping you write the book of what it's like to be a transformational being or transformational organization on this beautiful yet clearly an infinite, and yet in some ways very bounded, planet where the rules are bounded Yet your dreams and aspirations are unbounded So that's what we do That's where I sit

I wanted to give you a little philosophical reflection today, because I went to a service today, and I was really touched I mean, I was just completely out of the bullshit, my positions and the achievements and the accomplishments and the organizations and going through career business challenges and all of that stuff It's really stuff that we go through to get where we want to be But when all of that was stripped away in meditation, what came to me was the core The core is this heart connection, the people who touch me, the people that I touch and those immense laws

Call it the Christ consciousness coming through the Christmas season, call it Buddha love, whatever your metaphor, this giant, giant, oceanic, cosmic consciousness love that penetrated And I caught the wave, and I'm really grateful So from me to you, happy holiday season; and we hope to work with you and really help you accelerate your health and wellness vision That's what we ask for this year, may be prosperous and abundant to all We look forward to speaking with you soon

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