Mental Health Center of Denver – Emerson St Khalil Vignette

(gentle music) – At the age of four, my mom passed I ended up moving in with my father

And he struggled with alcoholism and he had a lot of mental health issues he had not addressed I've been in therapy since I was seven years old I head about a new program from my GEP worker called the Emerson Street There was this need for youth who were in that middle stage and who didn't have that support of like, I'm not an adult and I'm not a kid, and I'm in this middle stage and they filled that need I was like in this stage of I'm an adult now, I don't have to go to therapy anymore but then it was like, I'm an adult now, I really need therapy now (laughing)

My life was hard and kind of scary, and on that teeter-totter between success and failure Emerson has helped me establish my foundation and figure out what is important for me My life is growth I have people around me that love me I have more than hope for my future, and I'm excited for what's to come

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