Mental Health Awareness Week 18 – Millennial Stress

As a young person I think what I get stressed about most personally and I know my friends is money Being a young person in London can be quite challenging

It's an expensive place to live, you want to earn more money, rent's expensive, going out's expensive and when you're young you want to be doing those things On the bank holiday I found it really hard because I had to work and because of social media I could see everyone else having a good time It just made me feel really depressed because I was inside, and actually if hadn’t of had Instagram I wouldn’t have known what everyone else was doing Living at home and trying to start my own life You always worry about money and paying your rent, bills

Stuff like that I just think it's really important that every person no matter what age or stage in their life checks in with them self and just gets a sense of how they feel and whether they need support There's nothing wrong with that Everyone’s reaction is perfectly natural given the state we are in and not to feel concerned or feel worried there's something wrong with you if you're feeling anxious But to talk it through with a trained practitioner