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Hey my fellow weirdos and welcome to this new video I hope you're all doing great I asked you yesterday in my Instagram story about your questions regarding mental health therapy

Whatever Because as a person who is going to therapy I know that it can be very frightening before you go to therapy and you probably have like a ton of questions or even while you're doing therapy (I mean, I still have a lot of questions about therapy in general) So Maybe I can help you with my experiences a little bit and let's start with the first question I'm sorry I am a little bit tired today Okay, first question: "Is it normal to be scared to book your first session?" Are you kidding me? Yes! I was so scared before my first session

Like I literally I called two times I hung up two times before the line was even answered Then I called two more times and two times someone picked up the phone and I hung up again and you know, the funny thing is they can see my number so they saw like Oh this person just called us four times and he just hung up four times on us Sometimes but I also have to say I hate like calling and making calls in general So yeah My advice for you what I did then I asked my best friend to do the call for me and it was like a funny situation because he was on the phone He was like: "Hey, yeah

I need a therapist" and I was in the background because when like in Germany when you Book your first therapy session you need all your information on your Insurance card and you need your address and all your name and your whatever and so he was on Speaker and then he was asked like, oh, what's your health insurance number? And then I was like *whispering* zero, zero, ten, nine And he was like zero zero ten nine Oh and what's your number of birth? My best friend is no my number of birth my date of birth

That was kind of Disappointing but yeah So my advice go ask a friend or someone off And ask a friend or someone within your family you trust and yeah in the end I mean Okay, everyone else probably would give you the advice you can do it I give you the advice let someone else do the calls for you but if you don't have someone you can like if you don't have someone that can make the cause for you, you can also do it by yourself because it's not that It's not that horrible as we might expect it because you just have to talk But talking is quite hard sometimes Okay So let's come to the next questions "How do you talk to your parents about wanting to go to therapy for your mental health?" I feel like in general

There are two different types of parents on the one and there are these parents they are totally like Positive when it comes to mental health topic They're like: "Yeah, of course" and "what do you need?" etc and then there are the parents that are more like, you know optimistic more like Exactly like that, but you know what, I mean And especially in the second case I think it's the most important to give your parents some time especially when your parents have never touched really the topic of mental health before

they might need a little time to you know, just to think about it So just give them the time to actually think about it My second advice is to be totally honest with them umm like Explain them why you want to therapy, explain them how you feel, explain them

What do you expect from the therapy, you know? especially Again for the second "type" of parents They usually don't really know what it's like to need a therapist or what and why you would go to a therapist? Why would you do something like going to a therapist? so really try to explain them your feelings and My third advice in the worst case if your parents are totally unsupportive and they do not want to let you go to therapy In most countries you do not need your parents like you can either directly go to a therapist by yourself you can book an appointment all by yourself or there are different free consultations for People under 18 where you can call and say hey I need a therapist but my parents do not approve and then they help you to get a therapist place So Whether you do it with your parents or without your parents You can do it 🙂 Okay Next question By the way, I'm thinking about making this an uncut video because I don't know

I always loved watching uncut videos I'm not sure what how about what

I would cap now usually but yeah I'm thinking about doing an uncut video because I love watching uncut videos because they are so you know like when you watch a video and it's cut you're always like What happens in between the cuts and when there is an uncut video you're just like, ah, now I know it they talked dump stuff awesome! But yeah Okay, next question "I prefer going to my listening service over my current one

I'm too scared to say what do I do?" I did not get that question at the first time I read it So I asked the person and they explained it to me They said basically that they are going to listening service or they went to a listening service with a person Only listened and now they're going to another kind of therapy which they don't like so they want to go back to this Listening service, but they are too scared Probably you already got that question, but I didn't The kind of funny thing about this is I have some friends that are going to therapy too and most of them are in a similar situation like they do not really like their therapists or they feel like the therapy is not Going in the right direction or they want to try something different, but they're too scared to tell that to their psychologist And to be honest, I was like that too for a long time I thought about like changing my psychologist, but then I was like I can't you know, I can't tell my psychologist She's so nice and I'm too scared to tell her and aaaah, I don't know and like the most Like the biggest thing in that whole situation was that I was scared to tell my psychologist because I didn't want to hurt her feelings because she was so nice to me and she helped me go through really hard stuff and Then I had to talk with a friend of mine and he said something very useful He said They'd do it for the money

Like of course, they don't do it primarily for the money most of them But they earn a ton sh*t of money with you They earn like 100 up euros per hour with you It's their job to listen to you And besides that most therapists have a very long waiting list That means it is okay if you drop out because they have other patients Joining your space and it's their job So they're making they're making money with you


So you shouldn't be afraid to "hurt" your psychologists feeling Maybe that's only like my weird thing hurting psychologists feeling but Yeah, don't be afraid to tell your psychologist how you feel um yeah Yeah

That's good Okay Next question: "I went to therapy before and we literally didn't do anything I have to go again and don't want to because of that" okay, this is kinda similar to the primary question and Basically what I would say is Talk to your therapist I was in a similar situation Like I had the feeling that my therapy wasn't going so well It was like in a span of one month and I saw her each week for one

Each week for one hour and we were talking a lot and we were doing stuff But I was just feeling like it's not, you know, we're not getting anywhere We're doing exercise I have homework we talk a lot but at the end of the day, I'm just like Okay, that didn't get me anywhere so I was actually also very scared to talk to my psychologists because I I don't know exactly why I don't know what this weird thing is of us like being scared to talking to all psychologists because like it's what they are there for, but I had a very honest talk with her and I said hey, I'm feeling like this is not going anywhere and then she was like, okay, what do you feel like and where do you see the problems and then we we talked about it and we We really feared things out and since then I have a great therapy So just try to be really honest with your therapist um, and if you still after such Discussion have a feeling that it's not going anywhere you can still Well change your place of therapy Amen Okay, next question We only have two more questions to go It's the German one

I'm going to just translate it to you "Why do you need therapy? I have been in therapy too But um, I didn't feel comfy

" I'm in therapy for depression and anxiety disorder for about ten months now and Yeah, again my advice if you don't feel comfortable with your therapist go to a different one actually before I Went to my therapist I saw in Germany We have something called as therapist consultant So it's basically like a hotline of your health insurance You can call them they help you find a therapist and one of the things she told me was Make sure that you find a person you completely trust and you completely feel Comfortable with because this is the key to a successful therapy, and she said that some people might even go too four, five, or even six different therapists before they find a person that they are like Okay, I feel you know, I feel like I can trust this person I feel like I Just got my jumper in my eye that was that was unexpected because usually I always have glasses on and ah Okay, #uncutvideo 😀 Back to the question Yeah, so a lot of people need a long time to find a therapist, they trust to and try the same! last question It's so warm in here, it's so hot I know you you can't imagine it but this mask it's made of massive plastic there is Electronic inside here like this is this is not pure color This is like lightning there is electronic in here There's this hot light not like this is heavy plastic and it's so hot I already opened the window I already have all my neighbors here our private therapy talk But yeah, okay last question

I didn't I don't know Why did tell you that Please come and give a talk in India about mental health It's still a taboo in some states here Okay Real talk: taking care of your mental health is the key of Having a good life It's the key of personal growth It's the key of finding your passion

mental health is the key of being a human feeling being And sometimes it makes me really really angry, you know when people Talk about it like it's some kind of Bad taboo thing, that you shouldn't talk about it Mental health, is the most Important part of us If that is broken then we are broken and I know that many people Who never had mental health issues probably can't relate to that but having mental health problems can kill yourself It's like any other Really really bad disease I always compare it to cancer and I know that a lot of people have problems when I say: "Depressions are like cancer" But I say that both can kill you and of course it's not a 100% fitting comparison I know that but still, I think it's a great way to to actually show people Hey, depression can kill me and real talk it nearly killed me several times so Yeah That was the last question I hope you liked this video? I'm not sure if you can give a thumbs up because I'm probably uploading this on Instagram TV Maybe I'm uploading this on YouTube too – I have no idea but yeah, oh, I just wanted to tell you one more thing I

I'm I'm having it cold so *Okay, stop being weird* I'm sorry Oh my god And sometimes I just can't stop being weird but that's okay because You're weird too – you're watching this video this long

So I guess I'm pretty okay what I wanted to say is I fund my own business and Probably you already have seen it and my Instagram stories are in my Instagram feed or in my own Instagram page or in my other Instagram page story or in my own blog or in my shoutouts or in my Facebook or in my Facebook Story is because I tell it everywhere and to everyone, but basically if you haven't seen it yet You can go check out my other Instagram page it's called @rainbowwarrior_collection it is a non-profit project, which means that I create donations for nonprofit LGBTIQ+ Organizations so go and check it out It would be super cool if you can follow because we already have 63 followers! So yeah, okay I hope you have an amazing day and don't forget: be Rainbow Warrior and I love you and you're awesome <3 And

Amen! Captions made with love by @v3tr1x_

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