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    Jair Bolsonaro: ¿con coronavirus y demandado? – El Espectador


    The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, who has been characterized by his dismissive attitude about the Coronavirus pandemic, returned to radar this week after a wheel Release, while announcing that he had tested positive for coronavirus, remove his face mask and insisted on the promotion of hydroxychloroquine, a substance whose effectiveness against the virus It has not been proven and can cause serious side effects Already announced a lawsuit against the president whom they accuse of committing crimes against public health and to act criminally

    In Context explains The president of Brazil, the ultraconservative Jair Bolsonaro, who since the The pandemic has neglected the severity of the coronavirus and has repeatedly been contrary to the health recommendations, confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday July 7 that it turned out positive for COVID-19 and who has presented symptoms such as fever of 38º and muscle pain Still, the President of Brazil insisted that he was perfectly fine and who was undergoing treatment with hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug whose efficacy against COVID-19 It is not scientifically proven, but that he defends as a sure remedy against the illness Also, in a challenging act, during the press conference the president removed his face mask to tell reporters Just look me in the face: I'm fine Bolsonaro in fact admitted that he was able to infect people because I already assumed he was an asymptomatic patient The Brazilian Press Association announced that it will file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court against President Jair Bolsonaro, whom they accuse of “putting at risk” the life of the journalists who accompanied the announcement of his coronavirus positive

    Paulo Jerónimo de Sousa, president of the Association, said that Bolsonaro, despite having tested positive for the coronavirus, continues to act criminally and put at risk other people's lives De Sousa criticized that the president broke the isolation recommended by doctors and receive journalists from the media that it considers related to its policies to inform you personally that it was infected He maintains that Bolsonaro violated article 131 of the Brazilian Penal Code, which punishes with sentences of one to four years in prison and a fine, you practice in order to transmit to others a serious illness from which one is infected or an act capable of producing the contagion The association considered that the ruler also violated article 132 by exposing the life or health of others to direct danger and imminent Since the start of the pandemic, the Brazilian president has shown disdain for the measures physical distance, criticizing the confinement measures imposed by the governors, whom he accuses of leading the country to ruin

    In April, for example, Bolsonaro fired his then Minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, who had been one of the main drivers of social isolation, supporting decisions to close schools and businesses A month later the next minister resigned of Health and the president elected Eduardo Pazuello, an inexperienced military general in medicine or public health, to lead the country's fight against the coronavirus It has classified the COVID-19 as a "flu, and has attended demonstrations in its favor causing crowds In fact in the weeks prior to the announcement of his contagion time, Bolsonaro, was in contact with hundreds of people of various states and photos posted on social media often show him without a mask and shaking hands with political leaders and supporters The situation is such that social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have eliminated some posts by Bolsonaro for considering that they violated the guidelines that prohibit the content that endangers public health

    Brazil is the Latin American epicenter of the pandemic and the second most affected country by the coronavirus, after the United States Registers more than 166 million infections and about 67,000 deaths So the Bolsonaro contagion created expectations that the Brazilian president changed his attitude about the severity of the pandemic, especially taking as a reference the case of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was initially skeptical and radically changed his position after being infected and spend three nights in an intensive care unit However, there are those who believe that even if Bolsonaro recovers quickly he can that strengthens your speech and your challenging attitude

    In fact, just hours after announcing he was infected, the president recorded a video in which he appeared smiling and talking of the supposed benefits of hydroxychloroquine This drug, which has been prescribed for decades against malaria, was made popular after Bolsonaro and other leaders like Donald Trump promoted it as a drug effective to counteract the virus Furthermore, at the start of the covid-19 pandemic, prescriptions for the drug in the United States States increased 86 percent in one month, after being reviewed by commentators conservatives and by President Trump However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the use of hydroxychloroquine at home and unsupervised can be dangerous and in fact already discontinued trials to treat COVID-19 with this drug The decision came, according to the institution, after analyzing new data that suggested that this antimalarial drug it does not reduce the mortality of affected people

    And meanwhile, the Brazilian Ministry of Health has already admitted that it takes about two dozen special medications that do help treat COVID-19 patients in intensive care units

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